Michel Sinsoulieu, Zuydcoote (fr) wins the 1st national Pau France

For a long time proclaimed as the would-be international winner, Michel Sinsoulieu will ‘only’ enjoy a second place.

In fact, he cannot count on the help of the pigeon from the English Bullens & Sons who realized an incredible exploit when he came across the channel under a true flood of rain. This pigeon deserves a statue. But this time, it’s a fancier of the hexagon that we will put under the spotlight. Let’s come back on the progress of this journey…

Released at 7h00, the 8,601 pigeons enjoyed favorable flying conditions with a south, southwest wind during a long part of their trip. When they arrived in the north of France, they had to face a weather disturbance but it didn't have a significant impact on the progress of the race.
Michel Sinsoulieu, who was still working, left his job around 17h00. Via our warning system, he knew that there were already some pigeons signaled in France. That’s why he came back to his house as quick as he could, with the hope that one of his favorite could be clocked early. At 17h33, his red cock, with band number F-06-39074, landed on the sputnik. It was a Pau! He flew the 886 kilometers that separated him from his home in more than 10h and this with an average of 1,400 m/minutes. Michel knew that it would be an early pigeon at the international level. He knew that everything was now possible. The first Belgian pigeon was announced at 18h22 with 13 kilometers less!
During numerous hours, Sinsoulieu had the highest speed. But he hadn’t counted on the English pigeon that was clocked at 18h23 with 892 kilometers and was delayed a bit before being announced. Anyway, the performance is simply wonderful.

Michel has been a pigeon fancier since 2002, when he came to live in the house of his parents-in-law. That time, he wasn't aware that his father-in-law had left him a ‘poisoned gift’: lofts on his garden in which speed pigeons were housed. Michel decided to have a look at them. He entered the speed races and he took this opportunity to learn the ropes of our game. But these races didn’t suit his temperament. In 2005, he focused more on the federal races. Then in 2008, Michel decided to be more active in the international races. We are now only three years later and here's already a second international place that crowns his short career!

'Le Pau' - FR 06-39074


Father : '211/01', out of a crossing Gorin x Aarden from the Hétru loft. We can find the 'Saphyr', crack from the international races in the 90's at Hétru.
Mother : '890/04', we take the same and we start again: still a crossing Gorin x Aarden from Hétru.

Composition of the loft
Michel is not at the head of a massive colony. During the winter, he has to feed only 80 heads, a normal sized livestock containing 40 youngsters during the racing season. The origins of the loft are based on the Aarden, Gorin, Teelen, Braakhuis, Hagens. Prestigious strains destined to shine on the tough work. Michel is strengthening his breeding team with old glories.
What concerns this title, he believes in the only objective truth in pigeon sports: the basket, the only master and decision maker. His selection is only based on this criterion. We should also add that the wing quality is really important to him.
Michel only races the cocks. They are quickly taking the road: two speed race, one middle distance and then a federal race (heavy middle distance in France) and then directly deep into the bath. At the nutritive level, he gives to his racers a mix of breeding and super-diet mixtures. They also receive minerals and vitamins in preparation of an important race. That is all. Here are now the best results won by the loft:

In 2005 federal races 1st St Rambert yearlings, AS pigeon yearlings federal DK
In 2006 NPDC championship (nord pas de calais) 2nd federal yearlings
In 2006 1st Toulouse olds and 1st Angoulême olds at Dunkerque
In 2007 1st et 2nd bourges olds in the club
In 2008 CCFL ‘de Bray Dunes’ 1st Angouleme yearlings
In 2010 1st and 4th Marseille club DK, 16th and 20th NPDC, 29th, 41th national, 
        157th, 303th international
In 2010 2nd Pau DK (Dunkerque), 34th NPDC , 46th national, 414th International
In 2010 1st NPDC Treignac olds

France has not gone far from wining the laurels on the race of the capital of the des Atlantic Pyrenees. Michel was therefore unable to walk in the footsteps of Pierre Verove, Franck Duquesnoy or Guy Flandrin, previous winners of this race at the beginning of the 2000. This is only a postponement. I will also add that if we take into account the passion the French fanciers experience for the international races, an international victory would be the cherry on the cake. When we take a look at the numerous specialists and the ‘Internationals culture’ that is developing now, this won’t take too much time.

Our sincere congratulations !



et bonne poursuite pour la saison .

Salutations Colombophiles,


Félicitation, l'ami de la part de ton pote des alc du dunkerquois!

tu tiens le bon bout et ca va payer pour une victoire internationale , soit patient!

salutations colombophiles, Imbert jean paul!