Kristiaan Vrebos, Neerijse wins 1° National Limoges 19.369 old birds

In the national opening classic for the long distance from Limoges, the pigeon from Kristiaan Vrebos achieved a phenomenal performance by commanding ‘national victory’ on the other side of the country with a big lead… and this against wind and mass!

A performance which we rightly take our cap off to… because this pigeon (B09-2036391) had a six minute lead nationally, and even 25 minutes provincially! Talk about a show of strength! We can and may assume that this pigeon raced the majority of his route towards Neerijse alone… far ahead of the competition! Kristiaan Vrebos clocked his pigeon at 16h03 from a distance of 607,462 Km, which gave the highest speed at national level with 1098,48 m/min. Second place is for the West-Flemish Ignace Pollet from Beveren-Leie (1087,47 m), 3 Francis Lavenne & Fille from Eugies (1082,02 m), 4 Simon Moreels from Marke and 5th place for Tevel Guy & Amalie from Thuillies.

The organisers of the ‘Belgische Verstandhouding- Entente Belge’ could rub their hands together with the number of old birds entered being19.369… 2.554 more than Brive last season! Possibly fortunate that this time Limoges was held instead of Brive… which is a good 70 Km shorter, or more than an hour’s less flying for the pigeons… seeing as how tough this Limoges was. Firstly there was the ‘warmth’ in lorries on their journey there, given the cloudless sky with a bright sunshine during the first 3 days of Whitsun in which they made their journey to Limoges. In addition, the Saturday was the ‘hottest’ day with temperatures of around 30° (measured under thermometer hut), under the ‘leaden sun’ it would have been a few degrees more… and add to this a stinging North to North Eastern wind! For the pigeons with not so many kilometres on the counter… a very tough job! Believe us… not all the pigeons can do this, that is evident by the homecoming… those whose legs gave way, will have had to pick deeply on their reserves! Watch out with such pigeons… they now deserve extra rest and recuperation time, otherwise they could ‘creak’ for the rest of their career, and whoever dares to enter them again too soon risks the chance of losing them. Be careful then, the message is: keep a close eye on the daily training over the next few days and weeks! The races last weekend will in any case have had their impact on the number of pigeons to be basketted over the next few weeks… many will need extra recuperation time, not to mention the pigeons which didn’t return home until the Sunday, or even perished on the field of honour! 

Something for real ‘musclemen’ 

If we can agree on one thing, it is the fact that these weather conditions were for real ‘musclemen’… clappers of iron and steel, which pounded for 9 or 10 consecutive hours against the wind, and this in tropical conditions… with little oxygen in the air. And then the people from the ‘medical world’ advise us not to do anything ‘strenuous’ in such circumstances… not applicable to our ‘pigeons’ then. It was weather for pigeons which were ‘top’, the lofts with ‘top condition’ could be found in the results!

The pigeon from Kristiaan Vrebos was apparently in his element, and performed unbelievably… with 1° National victory from Limoges as a result. You could call it… the victory of the ‘revenge’. Last year Kristiaan should have been classified as 2° National Champion Long Distance KBDB 2010… but an administration error (1 number in the ring number wrongly filled in) meant that he was removed from the final rankings, despite him appealing and correcting the matter on time. This national victory from Limoges can then certainly be seen as a bit of sporting ‘revenge’ to the injustice done to him last season! Or should we write… with a year’s delay still on the national podium in Ostend! 

Kristiaan inherited the pigeon fever from his father… who used to be a feared enemy locally in the sprint races, and who currently helps Kristiaan pursue his hobby, and take care of the pigeons. These people are categorized locally as unpretentious and very friendly fanciers, liked by all their sport comrades… and this national victory won’t change this! As stated earlier, father was a speed freak… yet Kristiaan wanted to try further, and so orientated his colony towards the long distance. For this he obtained pigeons from Chris Hebbrecht in Evergem, Louis Vanderwielen in Boortmeerbeek, Delstanche in Waver, De Graeve-Van Geert in Smetlede… which can be seen as the basis of the current colony Vrebos! That these pigeons put the Vrebos-colony on the right track was apparent in the performances over the last few seasons… because in addition to the missed title of 2° Nat. Champion Long Distance KBDB, Kristiaan was also 1° Prov Champion Long Distance KBDB Flemish-Brabant, and 3° National Champion Long Distance Bricon Trophy 2010.

Kristiaan doesn’t race many pigeons… and restricts his activities at the moment to all the races of the extreme middle distance (read races so as Limoges, Brive, Cahors, Souillac, Tulle…), although normally 2 pigeons will be entered for Barcelona and Perpignan. I don’t have enough pigeons to add the grand distance to this says Kristiaan! The total racing club consists of 34 widow cocks, divided over 22 o.b. + 12 yl… and then another 5 hens which are entered weekly for the middle distance and grand middle distance. During the winter period the widowers are allowed to brood for 8 days… from which the eggs are placed under feeding couples. Around the 1st of April they come together again, and after brooding for 3 days they go into widowhood. Via the sprint they raced up to Soissons, to then race in the middle distance in a race from Toury. After this they are divided into 2 groups… half went to Vierzon, the other half to Bourges a week later.  8 pigeons were basketted for Limoges, wherefrom 4 won a prize, wherefrom 3 ‘front pigeons’, with

Limoges Prov. 1.625 pigeons: 1-11-17… (and 4/8), National 19.369 p. 1 …

As a test 4 pigeons were shown their hens before being basketted, whilst the other 4 only got to see their dish. There was no visible difference in the result since from the 4 pigeons which won a prize… there were 2 which saw their hens and 2 which only saw their dish! So why waste time and energy if it doesn’t make any difference Kristiaan asks himself. Only before being basketted for the last race of the season will they be able to spend the entire day with their hen for extra motivation. 

The national winner is a 2 year old ‘beautiful blue athlete’, with an equally beautiful deep pigmented wing … driven by a strong set of muscles … which pushed him forward for more than 9 hours, as if the devil was at his heels. Last year this pigeon won a top prize as a yearling (per 10)  in almost identical circumstances in the ‘tropical’ Bordeaux at the end of June… and 2 weeks ago he also signed in from Vierzon, and displayed the first signs of budding ‘form’! He stems from a crossing Louis Vanderwielen x De Graeve-Van Geert.

Father: Blue B04-2233325 (Direct Louis Vanderwielen, Boortmeerbeek)

Son of the ‘Chequered Grenadier’ B00-2283392 (self already father of the 1° Ace bird Long Distance Yearlings Brab. Union ’02, 1° Prov Ace bird Long Distance KBDB Brabant, 1° Ace bird Grand Distance Ave Regina etc… and grandson of stock breeder ‘Ameye 563/85’ Van Gilbergen) x the ‘Poppeke’ B99-2296341(out the ‘Late Rosse 769/97’ G.Imbrecht from Bornival x ‘Granddaughter Ameye 563 Van Gilbergen’ 175/97).

Mother: De Graeve-Van Geert-Hen B04-4295689 (direct De Graeve-Van Geert)

Daughter of ‘Half-brother Perpignan’ B01-2106594 (half-brother 1° Nat Perpignan Yl by Georges Langbeen, Wetteren) x ‘Blauwke’ B00-3054649 (out the long distance crack the ‘Perigueux 277/95’ x ‘Klein Didike 259/95’ Etienne Devos). 

A clapper with a great deal of ‘Ace pigeon blood’ and ‘national winner’s blood’ in the veins! A full brother of his (a 4 year old long distance athlete) has already won 9/9 in the national long distance… it is far from coincidence!

This season Kristiaan has switched over to feeding the pigeons ‘Matador’ mixture. When the pigeons arrive home they are given a 50-50 mix of  ‘Premium Fond + Turbo Energy’ and this for 2 days. The pigeons are then given a somewhat lighter ‘Premium Sport mixture’… and the last few days they go back to ‘Premium Fond x Turbo Energy’! They are not fed ‘full tray’, but rather with the spoon… but more than enough according to Kristiaan, but he likes to see them eat everything up. The last 2 days they may be given more. For supplements he uses the Zell Oxygen + Optimix from the firm Herbots. Prior to the season the pigeons are cured for ‘trichomonasis’, and the ‘heads’ (with Soludox). Once the season starts he visits the vet every 2 or 3 weeks… for which he relies on the advice of 2 specialists, namely Raf Herbots and Frederick Oosterlinck from Gontrode.  Their advice is followed to the letter.

With Limoges the organisers of the ‘Entente Belge’ have a nice winner on the podium… a man who last season was executing his ‘rush’ to the long distance top as 1° Prov Champion Long Distance KBDB Brabant and virtual 2° Nat Champion Long Distance KBDB of our country… a title which was kept from him due to an administration error, as stated above! Has justice been done? Pretty much so… although we have to ‘bow down’ to the performance achieved by this pigeon! Congratulations Kristiaan, and enjoy this piece of showmanship! 


Proficiat Kristiaan voor deze prachtige prestatie
Herman & Johnny

Proficiat Kristiaan !!

Een melker zonder teveel bla bla en dan nog goede duiven Smile proficiat met je overwinning.

Arrazola de Onate Geert

Proficiat aan Jean en Kristiaan

Vandaag was een reportage te bekijken op de regionale zender.
het verhaal van de duif, de melker en de overwinning is zeer mooi in beeld gebracht.

de reportage is hier te bekijken :

Proficiat met de overwinning !!!

Prachtige prestatie van duif en duivenmelker.

Luc Klaps