Jos Thone (Niel-bij-As, BE) excels in race from Poitiers and takes a zonal win in Zone C2 both with the old birds and the yearlings

He also managed to take the provincial win in the old birds’ category. This is an impressive achievement, especially when considering the location of the loft and the direction of the wind. Jos Thone has once again demonstrated that he is an exceptional pigeon fancier.

The Jos Thone family has been winning quite a number of first prizes in recent weeks. There is no doubt that Jos is having a magnificent season. It seems he is more motivated than ever, and determined to perform well and to win many prizes. The achievements of this pigeon family in 2014 remind us of some of the most memorable seasons from the past. It appears that former world champion Jos Thoné is back in the game.

Jos has won quite a few prizes this season already. At club level, he won a 1st and 2nd from Chimay (139km), Bourges old birds (495km), Sourdun yearlings (319km) and Gien (427km), a 1st-2nd-3rd Chateauroux yearlings, a 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th from Bourges yearlings, Reims yearlings (226km) and Poitiers old birds (646km), and a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 from Sourdun old birds. In addition, he won an impressive 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9 Gien old birds and a 1-3-4-6-8-9 Gien yearlings. You could tell from these impressive results that an important victory at provincial, zonal, or even national level was to be expected sooner or later. To illustrate, we show you the best results in the national classics of 2014:

31/5 Bourges (495 Km) club 118 olds:
1-2-6-8-11-12-13… (9/12)
     Zone C2 against 2.113 olds:
21-23-73-86-130-131-142-149-505 (9/12)
31/5 Bourges club 62 yearlings:
1-2-3-4-5-10… (9/14)
     Zone C2 against 1,730 yearlings:
15-19-47-58-91-155-209 (7/14)

31/5 Limoges (692 Km) club 102 olds: 
3-4-52 (3/3 with 2nd + 1st nom. in the lead)
     Provincial against 1,723 olds:
14-15-383 (3/3)

07/6 Chateauroux (548 Km) club 93 olds:
2-5-7-8-11-12-13-14… (12/13)
     Zone C2 against 1,824 olds:
49-80-144-147-180-211-247-252-364-390-420-450 (12/13)
07/6 Chateauroux Zone C2 against 1,660 yearlings:
22-31-35-70-85-116-207-236-321 (9/12)

the figures say more than words.

2 x 1st Zone C2 from Poitiers, both in the old birds' and yearlings' category

His long anticipated victory came in the weekend of 14 June, in the race from Poitiers. This race did not provide particularly easy circumstances for the Thone pigeons. The only positive was the fact that a strong wind from the north turned this into a very tough race. These conditions allow the Thone pigeons to make a difference by using their intelligence, their power and their explosive strength. It is thanks to these assets that they have been able to win a number of great prizes from Poitiers and Cahors:

14/6 Poitiers (646 Km) Nat Zone C2 against 848 olds:
1-8-11-12-18-23-25-60-196 (9/11)
     Provincial against 1,033 olds:
1-16-30-31-40-53-65-146 (8/11)

14/6 Poitiers Nat. Zone C2 against 873 yearlings: 1-138 (2/7)

14/6 Cahors (787 Km) club 102 olds: 5-15 (with 1+2nd nom. of 3)
     Provinciaal 869 olds: 51-179 (2/3)

These victories in the zone were won by a hen. It was his top class hen Henda that took the win in the old birds' race, winning a first prize both at zonal and provincial level.

-Henda BE11-5010398
We take a look at some of her best results:

Poitiers   Prov  1,033 p. 1
           Zone    848 p. 1
Nevers     Zone    430 p. 2    (1st prize in club)
           Nat   2,918 p. 12
Gien       Prov  6,931 p. 32
Bourges    Zone  2,030 p. 51
Chateauroux      8,624 p. 201 etc…

Sire: Son Sardus BE10-5031222
Inbred to the world famous stock bear Sars (son of 1st Nat. Bourges Karel Schellens). This makes him a son of top class breeder Sardus BE04-5026096, the grandfather of Sachi (1st Nat. La Souterraine 2012), and sire of 15 first prize winners, as well as a half brother of Jutta (winner of 2nd Nat. Vichy 11,510 p. and 2nd prov. Chateauroux (and a direct son of Sars BE95-5055105) x Sini BE02-5051207, winner of a 1st Western European Countries Cup, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon LCD As der Azen ’05, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon LCB MIddle Distance ’05, 1st Prov Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ’05 etc. Sini is also a daughter of Sarso BE00-2408703, half brother of Sars x Mother Sini BE95-5208339, a daughter of stock breeder Napoleon.

Dam: Daughter Deep Impact BE10-5031555
Originates from an inbred paring sire x daughter. He was bred from Nest brother Artificial Jutta BE03-5071666, sire of Deep Impact and Iruna, 2nd Nat. Irun (and a direct son of Sars x Utta BE00-5041695) x Deep Impact BE06-5150043 (a daughter of Nest brother Artificial Jutta BE03-666 x Mother Deep Impact 00/057, a daughter of Napoleon). Deep Impact is winner of:

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance AVR ’06-’07
1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB’06
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon LCB As der Azen ’06
32nd Nat. Bourges 8,973 p.
46th Nat. La Souterraine 13.965 p.
83rd Nat. Bourges 23,984 p. etc.

You can find the full pedigree of Henda here

The invaluable breeder from As! She is now the grandmother of the first prize winner in Zone C2 from Poitiers as well!

Alien took the zonal first prize in the yearlings' race. He originates from the exceptionally strong long distance breed of Jos Thone, and he is an inbred to stock dam Sedna I.

-Alien BE13-5020067

Poitiers  Zone C2   873 YL 1
          Prov    1,003 YL 2

Sire: Beer Sedna BE06-5150801
A great breeder and a direct son of Father Sedna II BE98-5001452, sire of the 2nd intnat. Narbonne ’05, grootvader van o.a. 1e Nat Zone Poitiers, 1e Prov Chateauroux, 12e Nat Bourges 45.000 d., 17e Int Barcelona 25.815 d., 39e Intnat Marseille 19.290 d., en zelf halfbroer van Gerda: 1e Intnat Barcelona ’96 (uit Father Gerda BE93-5086159 x Mother Money BE91-5248567) x gouden kweekmoeder Sedna I BE04-5026055, winnares 1e Intnat Narbonne ’05, 1e Prov Asduif Fond KBDB ’05 enz… (en dochter van China Boy BE00-5041850 x Amelia BE00-5041682, een dochter van wonderkweker Sumo).

Dam: Suprina BE12-5030370
A daughter of Masi BE10-5031168, a direct son of top breeder The Crow BE05-5148626, son of Gouden Prijs (1st Nat Brive x Sedna I: 1st Intnat Narbonne ’05) x Daughter Girder BE09-5061834, a daughter of the 1st Prov Pau ’09 and 15th Nat Cahors ’08 Girder BE06-5150472 (son of top breeder Sedmos and a grandson of Sedna I x Iruna BE05-5148313, winner of 2nd Intnat Irun 2007, 9th Nat. Montauban 6,187) and a full sister of Deep Impact - she is a daughter of Nestbrother Artificual Jutta x Mother Deep Impact.
Click here for the full pedigree of Alien

It appears that the two zonal winners are closely related to a group of successful pigeons. They both originate from the main bloodline of the Jos Thone pigeon breed, which is heavily based on the successful lines of breeding icons Sars and Sedna I. These are the cornerstones of the Tone pigeon family, and they have been bringing many national and international successes to this loft!

The racing team is obviously in great form, having won several prizes this season already. We are looking forward to the next performance that will but Jos Thone in the spotlight again. He has won several important prizes in the past, and this is what made him an internationally renowned fancier.


Congratulations my friend !!


Een eer om met deze duivenliefhebber mee in te korven "IN ONS LOKAAL" te Genk. Weten we ook eens wat onze duiven waard zijn!! Proficiat Jos Very Happy

Jos proficiat
Topduiven en topmelker en nog eens bedankt voor de samenwerking al vele jaren
Topduivinnetje 636/10 wint 1-194 montlucon top honderd nationaal kl.dochter jutta
Groetjes koen



Jurgen en Isabelle

Dear Jos ,
congratulate on your super success !
I also use your bloodlines to have brought me
Big success !!!!
Mr.Jos Thoné gives a lot in sports !
Best regards

Congratulations Jos

Great Pigeons



Congratulations my friend and thank you for giving me such beautiful cock like Beer Sedna, father of Alien.

He breed very nice youngsters to me, I hope they will become winners too.


fantastic flying jos hard work and good pigeons you are a exceptionzl pigeon man


What can I say? Wonderful start to this 2014 racing season.
Glad to see those winning pedigrees. You have indeed sent me the good lines.
I have a daughter of Beer Sedna that looks very promising as a breeder. Strong bird.
May you continue your winning ways.


The greatest are always the greatest, maybe be we do not see him for sometime, but Jos never forget what he learnt, this latest successes as all those of his career are the result of a hardwork well done and if this combined with a fantastic person and suported by a great family this is the key to success.
Congratulations for all Jos, big hug


You are all time Champion.
Raja Madhi,

Jos you proved again that you are best all rounder from short to long distance.am proud to have ur line of birds from guy.