Joël Verschoot (Ingelmunster, BE) wins 1st National Pau with Suzanne

This is already his third national victory in three years' time, having won a national Agen and Brive in 2013. This is another impressive result from the top class pigeon family of Verschoot!

Joël Verschoot, his wife Annie and their four sons

Superstars Cees and Agen were the national first prize winners back in 2013, claiming victory from Brive and Agen-Bordeaux respectively. Team Verschoot celebrated another national win last weekend, when racing hen Suzanne was victorious in the national race from Pau.

Joël Verschoot is arguably one of Belgium's most likeable pigeon fanciers, and a very modest one too. His results speak for themselves: he won the title of 2nd General Champion of Belgium KBDB twice, he won three national first prizes, several provincial victories and numerous provincial and national championship and ace pigeon titles, all in just a handful of years. Joël Verschoot is obviously a national star, although we feel he does not always get the attention he deserves.

His national victory from Pau confirms his status as a national champion. Joël clocked his national winner (second nominated pigeon) Suzanne at 20:27'35", covering a distance of 890.024km. This made her the fastest pigeon in Belgium with a velocity of 1223.2438 m/min. His first nominated was in great form as well and will finish in 373rd place national.

Suzanne originates from the invaluable bloodline of stock breeder As. She had quite a palmares already before she became a national first prize winner:

-Suzanne BE14-3004524

  1st Nat. Pau              1,661 p. ’16 
 30th Nat. Chateauroux III  5,868 p. ’15
  2nd Prov. Chateauroux IV    201 p. ’15
 48th Nat. Argenton         2,418 p. ’15
105th Nat. La Souterraine   2,548 p. ’15  
144th Nat. Issoudun         2,212 p. ’15
270th Zone Tours            4,436 p. ’14

Sire: Sunny Boy BE11-3172307
Comes from Matthias De Wilde (Bruges) from a pairing of Gaby Vandenabeele (Neptunus x Annemie-Vermander) x Rik Cools (Bliksem-Vandenabeele x Fryda).

Dam: Aske 2 BE10-3082432
A daughter of top class breeder and stock sire As BE04-3176837 x Blauw 467 BE02-3016467 (a crossing of Georges Lidou x Eric Vermander).
The full pedigree and the palmares of Suzanne can be found here.

Suzanne, raced in traditional widowhood, won a first prize from Arras (twice), Clermont and Bourges earlier this season but she failed to win a prize from Châteauroux on 10th of June. Joël promptly decided to basket her for Pau the following Monday. Suzanne was determined not to let this happen again. She took the win from Pau and she was ready to join the breeding team, which now consists of three national first prize winners. Not many Belgian fanciers have had this privilege before.

The world class bloodline of As, the foundation for three national first prizes

Being successful in pigeon racing is often a matter of details, and it is often founded on an outstanding pigeon family that is gifted with top class racing birds and great breeding potential. The Verschoot pigeon family is no different. As BE04-3176837, which comes from a crossing of pigeons of Georges Lidou, Gaby Vandenabeele and Rudi De Saer, has played a crucial role in this loft. The dam of As (BE02-3016427) was bred from a full sister of ’t Goedje BE05-3177035, which is the current stock dam for Rudi De Saer (she is the dam of Bleken, Tours, New Tours, King, …). This is no coincidence!

De As developed into an invaluable breeding pigeon for Joël Verschoot, being the sire of the following racing birds and breeders:

-Harry: 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2014 and winner of a 46th Nat. Montauban 4,327 pigeons only last weekend. This was actually his final race, he has now joined the breeding team. Click here for his pedigree.
-As 1: sire of super class hen Femke (Click here for the palmares & pedigree of Femke)
-As 2: the sire of Betsie
-Dochter As 428/10: the dam of Agen (1st Nat. Agen)
-Aske 1:  the dam of Cees (1st Nat. Brive)
-Eva: the dam of Noë (1st Prov. Tulle 2015)
-Aske 3: grandmother of Noë (1st Prov. Tulle 2015)
-Aske 2: the dam of Suzanne (1st Nat. Pau 2016)

This is quite phenomenal. We cannot think of many bloodlines with a similar number of references either in Belgium or abroad. It goes without saying that this As bloodline is the cornerstone of the Joël Verschoot pigeon family. It has been the key to success here in Ingelmunster.

Many congratulations to Joël Verschoot, his wife Annie and his son Dieter. Good luck in the coming races!

Family & friends came over to celebrate the national victory from Pau