Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE) has a total of 20 pigeons in the national top 100 in Limoges and Jarnac

Gino Clicque is back on track after having been sidelined for a few weeks due to a bird flu outbreak. He went on to win a 6th National Limoges as well as a 6th, 7th and 8th National Jarnac, showing the true potential of his pigeon family.

Gino and his son Jasper

From the start of the season Gino and his team of yearlings can be found at the front in most races. After his spectacular PIPA auction in which he sold his entire old birds' collection (including youngsters), he took a fresh start with nothing but his pigeons of 2016. He quickly managed to get back on his feet with these yearlings, winning for instance a 2nd, 4th and 6th Provincial Clermont WVOU, a 5th Provincial Tours and a 6th Provincial Châteauroux. Click here for an overview of his results in the past three months. But then the team was suddenly struck by bird flu, preventing them from racing for several weeks. Fortunately enough Gino could still train his pigeons around the loft, and this enabled him to get back in shape fairly quickly. The team had a brilliant result on 17th of June in the provincial race from Châteauroux with 31 pigeons per 10 of 46 basketed pigeons and with 16 pigeons in the top 100, and the fancier had no idea how his pigeons would cope with those weeks without racing. The national races from Limoges and Jarnac brought some good news: his pigeons were still in great shape, and capable of winning some excellent results:

08/07/17 Limoges National 603 km 10,325 YLs (preliminary results):
378-399-402-404-413-462-468-485-513-578-673-688-756-818-892-991-etc. (70/145).
08/07/17 Limoges Provincial 1,993 YLs (official):
08/07/17 Limoges Regional 338 YLs (official):

Overall results National Limoges: 9 pigeons with 1 on 100, 41 pigeons 1 on 10 and 48% prize 1 on 4.

15/07/17 Jarnac National 616 km 5,053 YLs (preliminary results):
6-7-8-18-24-44-86-91-92-94-96-109-130-163-176-225-274-301-311-314-321-362-403-etc. (29/46).
15/07/17-Jarnac Provincial 1,161 YLs (preliminary results):
15/07/17 Jarnac Club 152 YLs:

Overall results National Jarnac: 6 pigeons 1 on 100, 23 pigeons 1 on 10 and 63% prze 1 on 4.

And this is what the overall results for the two races looks like: 15 pigeons 1 on 100, 64 pigeons 1 on 10 and 51% prize 1 on 4. They won 20 national top 100 prizes in total.

Left in the tank

The team of yearlings has been doing great all year round, and despite a few weeks without racing the team was really impressive in the national races of Limoges and Jarnac as well. The pigeons from Wevelgem illustrate that a talented breed never lies. Chances are likely that Gino's racing birds will be in great form in the remaining one day long distance races as well.