Gino Clicque (Wevelgem: BE) had a stellar 2014 season!

The eye catcher of Gino Clicque’s team of 2014 was without doubt the amazing Golden Prince. His three national top prizes have resulted not only in the title of National Ace Pigeon long distance, he has also won the title of best pigeon in the PIPA ranking long distance yearlings with three prizes.

Several more racing birds have had a great season in Wevelgem, winning a national victory, a number of provincial first prizes and national and provincial ace pigeon titles. This gives us plenty of subjects to write about.

2014 was a year to remember

It is no secret that gino Clicque can rely on a highly talented pigeon family capable of winning top prizes both at provincial and national level season after season. Still, 2014 was an exceptional season, with a title of 1st national champion longer middle distance, 2nd national champion long distance yearlings, and 1st national ace pigeon long distance, as well as a national victory from Montluçon, a 2nd national from Cahors, a 3rd national from Brive, and a 4th national from Tulle, adding up to a total of 31 top 100 finishes at national level. In addition, he has won the title of first general provincial champion, along with three provincial ace pigeon titles. The 2014 season saw Gino Clicque win 19 first prizes and 25 second prizes. It seems pigeon racing is not much of a challenge for Gino Clicque and his team. They competed with some of the greatest champions, just like they did in the sprint and the middle distance races earlier on. Gino is a highly motivated pigeon fancier who knows what he wants, and it seems there is still a lot more to come for him.

Star role for Golden Prince

Golden Prince was the pride of the 2014 team, a youngster from the third round that was trained one step at a time before really excelling in 2014. His three national results were won at the highest level, and they enabled him to win the title of national ace pigeon, while also winning the title of best yearling in the long distance PIPA ranking. He is a grandson of Super Prince, winner of a 5th nat. Bourges/ 22,476, a 4th nat. Bourges/10,906, a 6th nat. Argenton/ 10,549, and a 12th nat. Bourges/ 22,499 pigeons. This ‘Super Prince’ originates from the bloodlines of Dobbelaere, Reynaert and Paul Huls.

The dam of Golden Prince is based on the Bliksem line of Vandenabeele from his mother’s side, paired to Robert of Van Dobbelaere. This illustrates that Gino’s best pigeons are bred from his stock breeders.
You can find the pedigree of Golden Prince here

Team Gino Clicque

Gino combines the running of a fairly large pigeon family with a full time job, and so he could use a helping hand from time to time. He can no longer rely on his loft manager, making it basically impossible for him to get all the work done. Gino is fortunate to gain help from Jasper and Eva, his son and daughter, who committed themselves to taking care of the pigeons on a daily basis. And, as we all know, every successful fancier is supported by a loving partner. The racing season is often a stressful period and making sure the pigeons are fed, basketed, released and called back inside can be a difficult undertaking. Still, being surrounded with a helpful and supportive team makes everything look a lot easier.

The bloodlines behind this breed

The Clicque pigeon family consists primarily of three stock bloodlines that have enabled Gino to develop a pigeon breed that combines both speed and strength, and that is capable of performing at a top level in the sprint, the middle distance and the long distance. These are his three key bloodlines:

-Robert & Chris Dobbelaere from Marke (De Robert-line)
-Antoon en Hilde Reynaert from Passedale (De Figo-line)
-Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem (De Bliksem- en Rudy-Line).

In addition, pigeons of Wilfried Vandemaele (Spencer) from Heule and Lucien Staelens from Wevelgem have been successfully introduced in this breed as well..

National championship prizes and best results of 2014

1st nat.  ACE PIGEON KBDB long distance (with Golden Prince 3031767-13)
1st nat.  CHAMPION KBDB  longer middle distance yearlings
2nd nat.  CHAMPION KBDB  long distance yearlings
6th nat.  ACE PIGEON KBDB  longer middle distance yearlings (with Argentina 3031784-13)
8th nat.  ACE PIGEON KBDB long distance young birds (with Alexandra 3028139-14)
1st nat.  MONTLUCON yearlings (19,298)
2nd nat.  CAHORS  olds (7,140)
3rd nat.  BRIVE  yearlings (3,850)
4th nat. TULLE yearlings (5,731)
7th nat.  MONTLUCON yearlings (19,298)
9th nat.  POITIERS  olds (12,379)
10th nat.  LIBOURNE  yearlings (3,238)

Gino has won a total of 31 top 100 finishes at national level

Provincial championships  2014

1st GENERAL CHAMPION KBDB WEST FLANDERS with an impressive 3 x 1st, 2 x 3rd and a 4th provincial ace pigeon!
1st prov.  ACE PIGEON long distance yearlings
1st prov.  ACE PIGEON long distance young birds
1st and 3rd prov. ACE PIGEON KBDB longer middle distance yearlings
3rd prov.  ACE PIGEON long distance young birds
4th prov.  ACE PIGEON long distance old birds
1st General champion long distance club Ieper

Overall results for 2014: 19 first prizes, 25 second prizes and 27 third prizes

Argentina and Alexandra, two highly talented hens

-Argentina BE13-3031784

6th nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance yearlings
Montluçon nat.   7th/ 19,298
Poitiers  nat.  50th/ 14,094
Bourges   nat.  48th/ 3,461
Bourges   prov. 11th/ 798
Tours     prov.  2nd/ 2,964
Clermont         6th/ 765
Clermont         3rd/ 690
Bourges          8th/ 266

She also won a 7th prov. in a tough race from Tours against 2,948 young birds last year

 -Alexandra BE14-3028139

8th national ace pigeon long distance young birds
Argenton       Zone A    5th/ 4,732
Tours          Zone A   24th/ 4,436
Chateauroux    Zone A   79th/ 3,956
La Souterraine Zone A   80th/ 2,877
Bourges        Zone A  345th/ 3,700

Gino Clicque is one of a kind, and 2014 has been one of his best if not the best season in his entire career as a fancier, with the title of first national champion and 1st national ace pigeon as a crowning achievement. Many congratulations to the entire team of Gino Clicque on a spectacular racing season!


Gino is top op alle gebied :
topduiven, topliefhebber, respekt voor de tegenstander, gemotiveerd en toekomst gericht!
Proficiat en doe zo verder! Razz

Sterk werk!


Beste Gino en C°,

Ijzersterk seizoen !

Dikke proficiat,

Erik & Geert

Inderdaad, een superseizoen !
Proficiat aan het ganse team !

Fam. Vanneste-Demely Moorsele

geen woorden voor, hé Smile laat misschien nog wat over voor de anderen, volgend jaar

Een seizoen om van te dromen.Proficiat Wink

Van harte proficiat met jullie superseizoen,

Grtn,De Saer Rudii


Gino en het voltallig Clique-team,
een beleefde buiging is meer dan op zijn plaats voor de geleverde prestaties en
dit zonder hoog van de toren te blazen en veel wind te maken......Chapeau.

Linda & Rik

Proficiat met jullie superseizoen !!!

Vanwege Hubert en Christine Depoorter - Moelaert

Van harte Proficiat

Van harte proficiat!!!
Carl Goethals

Het TOPHOK van 2014!

Nu bewijst de Super Prins zijn waarde ook op het kweekhok na een superieure vliegcarrière.

Een top seizoen 2015 gewenst!

SUPER PRINS ....wat een duif ! Als je uit zulke kunt kweken ben je een stap voor !
Proficiat hoor
Roger Casier

Dikke proficiat Gino en team met jullie geweldig seizoen !!
Al jaren aan de top...niet zo simpel !!
Daar moet nog eens een pintje op gedronken worden Gino Wink

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Félicitations Gino et jaspers .

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