Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE) excels in Châteauroux and Cahors

Gino has won nine national top 100 prizes over two races last weekend: 5 from Cahors and 4 from Châteauroux. In addition, 60% of his pigeons won a national prize in either races, making this another highly successful week for Team Clicque.

Gino Clicque is really fond of pigeons and pigeon racing. He has been working very hard to achieve great results. Breeding pigeons, racing them and selecting the strongest ones, it has been an integral part of our hobby for years. Still, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve a high prize percentage on a weekly basis, let alone to win so many top prizes in national races. It takes a top quality breed with talented racing pigeons to achieve this.

Gino Clicque has become a highly successful fancier, having won many provincial and national top prizes and titles in recent seasons. As you know, the number of top prizes and titles on someone's palmares give us an idea of the level of quality in his pigeon loft, and this Wevelgem based pigeon family is clearly very talented.

Gino could not have hoped for a better start to the season, claiming a double provincial first prize (both old bids & yearlings) in the opening classic from Tours. Click here to reread our report. The team of Gino Clicque continued to show their great form in the first national races of the longer middle distance and the long distance: 5 pigeons finished in the provincial top 100 (38-50-58-63-69-… against 2,227 yearlings) in the yearlings' race from Bourges, and an additional 12 prizes were won with 21 basketed pigeons. In Limoges 3 pigeons of Gino Clicque took a provincial top 100 prize (58-71-75-… against 2,489 olds), and a further 25 prizes were won with 40 basketed pigeons. At national level, 29 national prizes were won with 40 pigeons!

The pigeons were forced to take a week off since the races on 4th of June were cancelled, but they were back in the game on Friday 10th of June with the national races from Châteauroux and Cahors. Due to last week's cancellations there was a slightly bigger team of yearlings for Châteauroux. In fact, about 50% of the racing team of 2016 had not yet taken part in a national race. They were quite successful nonetheless, as you can tell from the results:

Cahors National 6,164 olds:

A total of 11 pigeons win a prize per ten, and 19 prizes were won with 28 basketed pigeons.

Chateauroux Nationaal 29,591 yearlings:

Gino has 29 pigeons with a prize per 10 in the yearlings' race, and wins 49 prizes for 89 pigeons.

Chateauroux National 25,126 olds: 112-115-344-415-…

He also wins 10 prizes per 10 with his old birds, and 13 prizes with 18 basketed pigeons.

The first pigeon to arrive back home in Wevelgem was super class hen Amanda, the winner of a double 1st Provincial Tours. She was also first nominated.

-Amanda BE15-3050641

 1st Prov. Tours        4,939 olds ’16
 1st Prov. Tours        1,759 YL ’16
 9th Prov. Châteauroux  5,614 YL ’16
11th Nat.  Châteauroux 29,591 YL ’16

Interestingly enough, a half sister of her dam Elza managed to win a 5th National Châteauroux against 29,591 yearlings for Kurt and Raf Platteeuw. Cilck here for the pedigree of Amanda.

A taste for more

A total of 135 pigeons were basketed for these races, and 81 of them (or 60%) managed to win a national prize per 4. In addition, Gino wins 50 prizes per 10 and has nine pigeons in the national top 100. This shows once again that his pigeon family is in top form, ready to achieve great results in the important classics of the longer middle distance and the light long distance, which are taking place in the coming few weeks. The pigeons of Gino Clicque are particularly suited for these kind of races, so we expect them to do very well there.