Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) win 1st, 2nd and 3rd interprov. Vierzon as well as 1st prov. and 3rd nat. Bourges in two weeks' time

It seems that the fanciers from Zingem want to show that they are the deserved winners of the title of General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2012 and they are planning to defend their title. In the past two weekends they showed their strength with these impressive victories at (inter)provincial level!

The two brothers, Freddy and Jacques, achieved a double national victory in the season’s opener from Bourges in 2009 and they were again very close to a national triumph. Unfortunately they had to be satisfied with a third national place. It was not easy to win a national victory last weekend and most fanciers from East and West Flanders did not have luck on their side. The Vandenheede hen Arinia had some headwind and she did not have a lot of company during the race but she still managed to achieve a national top ten prize, as the only pigeon from East and West Flanders. She was without doubt one of the best pigeons in the race, which she showed with her excellent performance! She was also their first nominated pigeon so this result was no coincidence. The list of achievements of this hen illustrates that she is indeed an excellent racing hen:

-Arinia BE10-4101225

’13 Bourges    Prov   3,470 p. 1
               Nat   19,659 p. 3
’13 Vierzon  I.Prov   6,420 p. 91
’13 Angerville          340 p. 1
’13 Angerville          365 p. 6
’12 Argenton 1 Prov   2,848 p. 2
               Zone A 4,504 p. 3
               Nat   12,384 p. 8
’12 Bourges    Prov   2,087 p. 6     (16 July)
’12 Montluçon  Prov   3,984 p. 77
               Nat   17,865 p. 590
’12 Argenton 2 Zone A 1,223 p. 48
               Nat    4,782 p. 80
’12 Blois      Prov   1,698 p. 94
’12 Bourges 1  Nat   20,589 p. 1531  (26 May)
’11 Argenton 2 Zone A   932 p. 21    (13 Aug)
               Nat    4,126 p. 96
’11 Vierzon    Prov     517 p. 3     (6 Aug)
’11 Bourges    Prov   1,294 p. 3     (16 July)
’11 Vierzon    Prov   4,366 p. 20    (21 May)
’11 Blois      Prov   1,357 p. 33    (23 July)
’11 Blois      Prov   2,144 p. 73    (9 July)
’11 Bourges 2  Prov   2,031 p. 79    (30 July)
               Nat   12,607 p. 361
’11 Argenton 1 Prov   4,948 p. 43    (2 July)
               Zone A 8,000 p. 74
               Nat   19,782 p. 176
’11 Chateauroux Pro   6,148 p. 253
               Nat   25,263 p. 1201
’10 Blois      Loc      301 p. 1
               Prov   2,462 p. 3
’10 Argenton   Prov   4,891 p. 81
               Nat   22,442 p. 313

This is without doubt an exceptional racing hen. When we take a look at her pedigree we notice that she has some excellent origins:

Sire: Classic BE00-4352734
He was winner of a 9th Dourban 1,198 p, 43rd Dourdan 2,129 p, 211th nat Argenton 17,933 p. and he is the sire of 1st Blois 1,127 p, 2nd prov Orleans 2,242 p. and 3rd prov Argenton 2,119 p. He is a son of Pablo BE98-4276485 (who was the winner of a 1st prov Bourges 11,456 p. as a young bird and a grandson of top pair Kanselier x Domage) x Elastica BE97-4237625 (8 first prizes, including 1st prov. and 1st interprov. Chateauroux. Also a granddaughter of the dream couple De Rauw-Salbon Albert x Paola via their son Frans, an exceptional breeder, as well as a granddaughter of Antigoon x ‘t Krijt, the famous parents of breeding legend Topkweker Freddy).

Dam: Rivendel BE03-4146260
1st Olympiad Pigeon Ostend 2007. An outstanding racing hen in the lofts of Vandenheede. She comes from the lofts of Stijn Van Laere, bred from Den Bleken BE97-4174137 (2 x 1st prize Dourdan) x het Bont BE02-4376465.
Click here for the full pedigree of Arinia

This is the overall performance of the Vandenheede pigeons in the race from Bourges:

Bourges prov. 3,470 old birds:
1-9-15-50-66-118-119-134-232-720-856 (23/46)
Bourges prov. 2,635 yearlings:
4-5-13-16-18-34-76-93-106-128-149-178-209-211-269-333-350… (23/46 prizes 565 prov.)

A first, second and third interprov. prize yearlings from Vierzon last weekend

It appeared last weekend that the Vandenheede pigeons are in great form and they are eager to win. The old birds did a great performance in the race from Vierzon and the yearlings achieved excellent results in the extreme middle distance, winning the first three prizes at interprovincial level. The hens were again very successful; two full sisters won the two first interprovincial prizes:

-Annelise BE12-4186083

’13 Vierzon  I.Prov  2,982 p. 1
’13 Bourges    Prov  2,635 p. 76
’12 Argenton   Prov  6,097 p. 388
               Nat  25,949 p. 1291

-Annelotte BE12-4186284

’13 Vierzon  I.Prov  2,982 p. 2
’13 Bourges    Prov  2,635 p. 5
’12 Orleans    Prov  4,049 p. 10
’12 Vierzon  I.Prov  4,085 p. 132
’12 Angerville Loc     424 p. 19
’12 Angerville Loc     598 p. 25

Sire: Mattheo BE05-4045392
A son of breeding legend Limoges (BE91-4261261) of De Rauw-Sablon (a son of dream couple Albert x Paola) x Fantastique BE95-4192444 (winner of a First Blois 563 p, first Blois 120 p. etc.)

Dam: Morgane BE05-4246519
An excellent racing hen (winner of seven top seven prizes) and a great breeding hen. She originates from Luc Vanaelst
Click here for the full pedigree of Annelise and Annelotte

The third interprovincial prize from Vierzon was won by the Vandenheede cock Zwarte Bonte (BE12-4186319). He is a son of Bassie BE03-4214232 (sire of Snaia, winner of 1st prov. Chateauroux 5,831 p, 1st Chantilly 302 p, 15th prov. Vierzon 2,511 p, 17th prov. Gueret 2,633 p, 21st prov. Orleans 2,749 p, etc…) x Superke Freddy BE09-5110383, a direct Pros Roosen from top breeder Freddy, and already the dam of the first interprov. Junien 1,364 p, 10th Zone A Gueret 7,174 p, 20th prov. Vierzon 4,058 p, 98th prov. Orleans 4,049 p. etc.

Click here for his full pedigree

These were the results of the pigeon team in the race from Vierzon:

Vierzon Prov 2,982 yearlings:
1-2-3-14-24-36-54-71-75-77-95-109-125-152-155-157-160-176-203-… or 23 x prizes per ten and 38/81
Vierzon Prov 6,420 old birds:
7-18-39-42-54-90-141-144-204-233-234-289-362-440-442-449-451-486-711-731-735… (30/42)

The two brothers, Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, seem determined to defend their title of General Chamion of Belgium KBDB 2012. Their racing team appears to be ready for Limoges and/or Chateauroux next weekend and we wonder if they can manage to win another victory or top prize. The question is who will be able to stop the outstanding Vandenheede pigeons. Every fancier knows that the team of Freddy & Jacques Vandenabeele is tough to beat!


Zoals ik ergens anders reeds geschreven heb,

De duif (3de nat) heeft mijn inziens de beste prestatie nationaal neergezet.
Met NW wind... chapeau...
Proficiat Jacques en Freddy


duiven die tegen wind & weer KOP vliegen zijn TOP duiven
in dit geval was het ook hun eerste afgegevene

opnieuw een kroon voor de zingemse broers

Georget en Dédé, hier door zie je hoe veel slechte duiven er zijn en OOK hoe weinig GOEDE !!! Als deze duif Nationaal aan de kop vliegen moeten andere GOEDE duiven dat ook kunnen. Uiteraard is een eerste Nationaal vliegen met de wind tegen zeer moeilijk maar kop vliegen is wel mogelijk ! Dat word hier al weer eens bewezen. En op de snelheid is dat juist hetzelfde. Een eerste vliegen met de wind tegen is moeilijk maar men moet toch in de top 10 kunnen geraken. Tenminste met GOEDE duiven op je hok ! De "New Freddy" van Pierre Mathijs die trouwens ook van het ras Vandenheede is vloog met wind op de kop en ook nog eens op de verste afstanden het beste. Over een echt GOEDE duif gesproken ! Maar zulke duiven worden dan spijtig genoeg ook maar zeer zelden geboren.

Fantastic flying fellas, magic

Well done

Congratulations from Morocco