Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) awarded as General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2012

Freddy & Jacques are the brand new ‘General Champion of Belgium 2012’ and with 11 national and 44 provincial victories they are probably the Belgian general champions with the highest number of top prizes ever!

This is the most prestigious and the most valuable national title that a fancier can win and Freddy & Jacques have done it! When we take a look at their list of achievements and their amazing feats we are confident to say that this is a deserved reward. You could compare this title to the Golden Shoe (award for the best football player) or the Flandrien of the year (best Belgian cyclist). Freddy & Jacques are probably the best pigeon fanciers in Belgium in 2012. The only difference is that their title of general champion is based on the prizes they won and their coefficient, whereas for instance the Golden Shoe is elected by journalists and fellow football players. Awards in pigeon racing are based on results and are obviously far more objective!

This victory proves that the Vandenheede pigeons have the skills to compete with the very best international lofts in races from the grand middle distance to the grand distance. The Vandenheede pigeon is a true all-rounder! For the previous generation the name of Vandenheede reminded them of the overwhelming wins of the Vandenheede family in the grand middle distance and the national races with their young birds. For many years this was the trademark of the late father Rene. Years later his two sons Jacques and Freddy have continued this tradition. The grand middle distance classics for the old birds saw their popularity grow and some national races were added to the calendar. That is when both Jacques and Freddy proved their luck in the grand middle distance, especially in the hens’ category. It soon became evident that they were among the best of Belgium. Provincial and national wins would soon follow. Four years ago Freddy & Jacques decided to join forces and to race the national long distance with a team of cocks, which was an interesting challenge. In no time they reached the national top in this discipline as well, with overwhelming victories and top results, just like in the grand middle distance. A lot of it has to do with the purchase of a few De Rauw-Sablon breeding pigeons. The Vandenheede breeding loft has a few top class pigeons, including Frans, Limoges, the Sjah, the Young Dreamer Sisqo and many more. However, it goes the other way round as well: their top class breeder Superbreeder Freddy brought excellent results in the lofts of the De Rauw-Salbon duo as well as Pros Roosen. This made the fanciers from Zingem wonder if the pigeons from their own breed could do well in the long distance competition as well!  

Put it this way: the Vandenheede pigeons are undoubtedly world class pigeons in the grand middle distance and the light long distance but the introduction of De Rauw Sablon pigeons has further increased their power and endurance. They also purchased some of the very best Marcel Aelbrecht pigeons, which were De Rauw-Sablon pigeons as well, mixed with the strong Marseille bloodlines. One of these crossings of De Rauw-Sablon and Marseille has bred the winner of the first international Narbonne in the hens’ category 2012.

General Belgian Champion 2012

Freddy & Jacques are the number one pigeon fanciers in Belgium. It was no surprise that the Vandenheede fanciers were awarded as Belgium’s best in 2012. The last few seasons were exceptionally successful with top prizes in everything between sprint races and grand distance. They have won countless first prizes both at provincial and national level. This is a well deserved title for two fanciers with an outstanding career in pigeon racing. Their national title was won with the following achievements:

2 prizes in the 'Grand Distance’: 4/6,583 pigeons (0.0608%) and 145/1,989 pigeons (7.2901%)
prizes in the 'long distance’: 4/1,934 pigeons (0.2068%), 35/11,130 p. (0,3145%) and 74/739 p. (10.0135%)
prize  ‘Yearlings’ (in the races that counted): 3/2,490 pigeons (0.1205%)
prizes ‘Long distance young birds’: 49/25,949 pigeons (0.1888%) and 541/7,174 pigeons (7.5411%)
prize ‘Sprint races old birds or yearlings’: 12/233 pigeons (5.1502%)
prize ‘Middle distance old birds or yearlings’: 2/3,984 pigeons (0.0502%)
prize ‘sprint or small middle distance young birds': 6/598 pigeons (1.0033%)
This resulted in a total coefficient of 31.9398% in eleven prizes (the minimum number)!

First International Narbonne Hens

As we mentioned earlier the Vandenheede breed has gained additional strength and endurance thanks to the introduction of De Rauw-Sablon and Aelbrecht pigeons. Not only did they become more successful in the long distance competition; they also became notorious grand distance racers: the Vandenheede pigeons are now capable of winning top prizes in the grand distance competitions as well! In the race from Narbonne they took their first international victory with the hen ‘Madina’. This hen had already won three national top 100 places in the grand middle distance, so she is quite an extraordinary pigeon. Her international victory did not come as a surprise. Take a look at some of her most important results:

-Madina B10-4101287

’12 Narbonne       128 p. 1
           Prov  1,289 p. 1
     I.Nat Hens  5,098 p. 1
           Nat   6,583 p. 4
’12 Chateauroux  3,852 p. 23
       Nat Zone  6,920 p. 65
           Nat  16,479 p. 73
’12 Bourges Pro  3,703 p. 35
       Nat Zone  6,402 p. 92
           Nat  20,589 p. 155
’11 Bourges Zone 4,873 p. 71
’11 Agenton I      690 p. 6
           Prov  4,948 p. 20
       Nat Zone  8,000 p. 39
           Nat  19,782 p. 93
’11 Chateauroux  6,148 p. 24
       Nat Zone 10,587 p. 74
           Nat  25,263 p. 147
’11 Argenton II Pr 652 p. 5
       Nat Zone    932 p. 7
           Nat   4,126 p. 41
’10 Montrichard  2,146 p. 6

Sire: Marcelino BE07-4093008… a top class racer with a few great results:

Chateauroux Prov 3,772 p. 7
Argenton    Prov 4,526 p. 18
Limoges     Prov 7,823 p. 157 etc…

He is a half brother of top breeder Everybody’s Favourite in the PIPA Elite Center of Nikolaas Gyselbrecht. Via his sire, the Young Marseille BE04-4433009, which is a direct Marcel Aelbrecht (bred from the outstanding couple Marseille 362/93 x Fijn Blauw 270/98) x La Fille d’Or BE05-4045179, winner of a 33rd provincial Bourges against 12,898 pigeons, a 16th provincial Argenton 4,104 pigeons, a 54th provincial Vichy 3,412 pigeons, a 15th provincial Argenton 990 pigeons and a 256st national La Souterraine 15,406 pigeons (she is a daughter of Goldfrapp 076/04 x Thebe 313/03, which are both first prize winners).

Dam: Ranonkel BE05-4045124… a top class hen and for instance winner of two provincial first prizes

Blois I     Prov 1,245 p. 1
Blois II    Prov 1,127 p. 1
Chateauroux Prov 1,683 p. 6
Orleans     Prov 1,668 p. 10
Orleans     Prov 2,242 p. 14
Argenton    Prov 4,104 p. 22

She is a daughter of Black Dream BE03-4146071, winner of a 1st Dourdan 974 pigeons, a 68th national Argenton 17,129 pigeons (and a son of Raipipon 224/01 x Bebe Sjaloom 392/01) x Daughter Panenko BE04-4277222 (bred from Panenko 625/98 x Zohra 126/99).

The nest brother of Madina has been doing great as well. Last year he was transferred to the breeding loft of Vandenheede. Let's take a look at some of his best results:

- Kasteelheer BE10-4101288

Ecouen              559 p. 9
Vierzon     Prov  4,366 p. 12
Dourdan           1,417 p. 13
Chateauroux Prov  6,148 p. 103
Limoges     Nat  14,686 p. 103
Gueret      Nat  16,838 p. 201
Argenton    Nat  19,782 p. 451 etc…

There are not a lot of fanciers who can excel in the middle distance and the long distance races at the same time. It often depends on the breed of the fanciers: your pigeons should be quick but they need a lot of endurance as well. On the other hand the influence of the fancier himself should not be underestimated either. Take for instance the top class fanciers Jos Thone, Erik Limbourg and Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede themselves: on the one hand they manage to keep their true long distance pigeons fast and supple. On the other hand their faster pigeons are trained to develop endurance as well. We think it takes a skilled and experienced fancier to breed an all round family of birds. It turned them into one of the very best pigeon fanciers in Belgium for years on end, in the middle distance as well as the national long distance and grand distance. For Freddy & Jacques the introduction of pigeons of De Rauw Sablon and Aelbrecht proved successful: they added some additional strength and endurance to the already excellent Vandenheede breed without sacrificing their intelligence, speed, character and suppleness. It allowed the fanciers from Zingem to become one of the main contenders in the long distance races, especially after their first international prize from Narbonne in the hens’ category! This is of course a crowning achievement for Freddy & Jacques but we are confident that there is still more to come for this outstanding team!

It is amazing to see the Vandenheede pigeons win top results at provincial and even (inter)national level seemingly effortlessly. This breed is one of a kind!


Proficiat Freddy en Jacques en fam. ,
een zoveelste titel en wat een palmares,
wij hebben zelf aan de lijve ondervonden hoe
goed jullie soort presteert , ook in de nakweek . Doe zo verder !
Vr. Gr. Hok Demely Liliane Moorsele, David en Filip .


Ja de Rauw Sablon duiven,ideale duiven voor de 800 km vluchten.
Wij zien het ook als goed kruisingsmateriaal voor de overnachtduiven om ze sneller te maken.
Freddy en Jacques nog veel succes gewenst op de nationale vluchten in de toekomst.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Familie Rotman. uit het mooie Twente land Nederland.


Congratulations !
All the best, for you and your brother !
Costi - Timisoara, Romania