Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) achieve double national win from Libourne

Their double national victory from Libourne reminds us of their impressive performance in the national from Bourges I at the end of May 2009, when they took the first prize both in the old birds’ and the yearlings’ category. This illustrates how strong they really are!

It seems only the Vandenheede family is capable of such a performance and no one seems to be able to compete against Freddy and Jacques. Sometimes they simply overpower their opponents, who can do nothing about it. They decided to join forces and to form a partnership five years ago and they have been amazingly successful ever since. Their late father Rene Vandenheede gained a reputation as a young bird specialist but when his two sons Jacques and Freddy took over the loft (not yet in a partnership) they also introduced the old bird races. They soon belonged to the best fanciers in this competition, mainly in the hens' races. When they started working together they could also focus on the cocks’ races and join the national long distance races. Their talent soon came to the fore in these races as well and they won a third, eighth and fourteenth national Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2009. They were on the right track, ready to make it to the top! They won one provincial first prize after another, they achieved several zonal victories and they even won a first National Argenton old birds in 2010, a first National Tulle yearlings 2011, a first international Narbonne hens 2012, as well as two second national places from Châteauroux 2012 and 2nd and 3rd national Limoges 2011. Too much to remember! No other pigeon family has won so many prizes and victories as that of Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede.

At the end of 2012 they won the title of General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2012, which was a crowning achievement. This is one of the most important titles a fancier can win in his career. We have to admit that the Vandenheede brothers have really dominated a number of races in the past few seasons and no one seems to be able to stop them. Freddy and Jacques are not ready yet. This season they have showed that they deserve the title General Champion of Belgium and they are really planning to extend their title! They already have three (inter)provincial and two zonal victories in 2013 and now they have added a national victory from Libourne to their list of achievements. Let’s summarise their achievements at provincial, zonal and national level in 2013:

1st-2nd-3rd Intprov Vierzon 20,982 yearlings
1st Prov Bourges             3,470 old birds and third National
1st Prov Poitiers            3,845 yearlings and 9th National
1st Nat Zone A2 Bourges      3,489 old birds
1st Nat Zone A2 Cahors       2,801 old birds
1st National Libourne        6,646 old birds
1st National Libourne        6.128 yearlings

Well done! There is a reasonable chance that they will add another top result to this list in the near future. The Vandenheede loft knows how to win prizes and they are a team to be reckoned with. The weather conditions are expected to be similar to last week’s Libourne so we think the Vandenheede pigeons will be up for a strong performance once again.

An eleven seconds gap

Libourne was not just an average flight. After the national from Poitiers on 8 June we had another weekend with tough weather conditions. Every fancier was hoping for warmer weather and they had what they wanted on the weekend of 6 July. All races were taking place in hot weather and with a strong headwind. Most pigeons struggled through these races and some had a hard time reaching home. That does not apply to the Vandenheede pigeons it seems. Judging by the results they felt really well under these circumstances. They feel very comfortable in these conditions, especially their long distance team of (old) cocks, which had already done Limoges and Cahors, and most of their yearling cocks, which were basketed for their first long distance race. Several prizes were won earlier that day in the race from La Souterraine (21 prizes with 22 basketed pigeons) but Libourne was the highlight of the day, with a double national victory!

The two national winners from Libourne were separated by only eleven seconds. The yearling Fantast was the first pigeon to be clocked at 18:20’09” and he arrived just before his old loft mate Grauzone, which was clocked at 18:20’20”. The two pigeons covered 723.105km with a velocity of 1047.75 and 1047.47 m/min respectively, resulting in two national first prizes! It turned out to be a great Saturday afternoon for the Vandenheede family, with excellent results in both races:

06/7 Libourne local 112 old birds:
1-2-3-4-5-7-9-10-12-13-14-16-21-26-27-32-37 (17/22)
Nat. 6,646 old birds: 1-8-10-11… (expected top 50)

06/7 Libourne local 137 yearlings:
1-3-4-7-8-11-12-13-19-22-25-31-34-36-38-41-46 (17/36)
Nat. 6,125 yearlings: 1-30… (expected top 50)

06/7 La Souterraine local 189 old birds:
1-5-9-10-12-34-39 (7/7)

06/7 La Souterraine local 245 yearlings:
2-3-5-6-10-11-17-21-23-25-35-37-41-48-74 (14/15)

This is phenomenal!


Let’s take a closer look at the two national winners. The winner in the old birds’ race is Grauzone (BE11-4244118), who showed his talent already as a yearling in 2012, winning for instance a third national from Tulle. He was very good in every classic this season and the national win from Libourne is the icing on the cake. This is his list of achievements:

’13 Libourne Loc     112 p. 1
             Nat   6,646 p. 1
’13 Cahors   Loc     142 p. 16
           N.Zone  2,801 p. 216
’13 Vierzon  Loc     624 p. 45
           I.Prov  6,420 p. 234
’13 Limoges  Loc     299 p. 57
             Prov  3,610 p. 607
’12 Tulle    Loc     139 p. 1
             Prov  2,490 p. 2
             Nat  10,251 p. 3
’12 Chateauroux Z  3,960 p. 67
             Nat  15,902 p. 234
’12 Vierzon  Prov  2,738 p. 128

It seems that these excellent pigeons are bred from another generation of excellent pigeons. Grauzone is no exception.
Sire: Ghinzu BE07-4093224, himself winner of a 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Tulle 6,695 p, 21nd Nat. Limoges 11,869 p, 79th Nat. Cahors 7,347 p. He is a son of Classic (from the first Prov. Bourges 11,546 young birds: Pablo x Elastica, winner 1st Intprov. Chateauroux and a daughter of top breeder De Frans, a direct De Rauw-Sablon bred from the Dream-Couple) x Nodeesha, winner of a 1st Nat La Souterraine 2003 and 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2003!
Dam: Sun Rising BE08-4095320, winner of a 6th Bourges 3,771 p, 2nd La Souterraine 1,078 p, 7th Vierzon 2,929 p, 12th Argenton 5,763 p, 12th Chateauroux 4,601 p, 73rd Nat. Bourges 22,499 p. and 59th Nat. Bourges 10,906 p. She is a granddaughter of the legendary Limoges De Rauw-Sablon via her father Dream Limo (x Cara), which won a first Dourdan himself.

Click here for the full pedigree of Grauzone.


The national winner in the yearlings’ category is called Fantast (BE12-4186321). He performed really well in the race from Libourne and he was the fastest of 12,774 pigeons. He is a grandson of the first national Bourges against 27,506 pigeons in 2009. It was then that Freddy and Jacques took the national victory in both categories as well, just like this season. History repeats itself but this time the best performance came from their cocks.

Libourne JL Loc   137 p. 1
            Nat 6,128 p. 1
Fastest of 12,774 pigeons!

His pedigree is a collection of outstanding pigeons as well:
Sire: Blauw Zoon Simonne BE11-4244384, a son of the excellent  breeding cock Raipipon (the sire of several first prize winners and a grandson of the outstanding pair Antigoon x ’t Krijt, the parents of top class breeder Freddy of De Rauw-Sablon) x Simonne, winner of a 1st Nat. Bourges 27,506 yearlings in 2009.
Dam: Oona BE08-4095107, winner of a 33rd Chateauroux 4,601 p, 82nd Vierzon 7,030 p, 163rd Nat. Chateauroux 17,109 p, 193rd Nat. Bourges 22,499 p. etc…  (a daughter of Edger x Slim Blauwke).

Click here for the pedigree of Fantast.

In the running for a national ace pigeon title!

They have an old bird and two yearlings with a chance of winning the title of National Ace Pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB. This could be another magnificent season for Freddy and Jacques, with several top three places at national level. We still have to wait for the complete results from La Souterraine but we give you the expected results anyway, based on the number of pigeons in the race:


Bourges        Prov   2,635 p. 4
Poitiers       Prov   3,825 p. 12
Montluçon      Zone   4,766 p. 16
La Souterraine Nat   11,237 p. 4     (expected results)

This makes for a total coefficient of 008368%  for the title of National Ace Pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB yearlings!


Poitiers       Prov   3,825 p. 1
Chateauroux    Zone   4,503 p. 19
Montluçon      Zone   4,766 p. 24
La Souterraine Nat   11,237 p. 12 (expected results)

This would result in a total coefficient of 1.0585%.


Bourges        Nat   19,658 p. 3
Chateauroux    Zone   4,390 p. 2
Gueret         Zone   2,435 p. 10
Montluçon      Zone   3,716 p. 52

They have a coefficient of 1.871% in four races and they hold the first place with only 0.4715% in three races (the best three results). There are three races to come and it will be a matter of further improving the coefficient in the race from Montluçon and to try and win the title of National Ace Pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB, in the old birds’ category this time!

This is simply amazing! They have two national winners from Libourne and three of their pigeons have a chance of winning the title of National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2013! One thing’s for sure: it will be difficult to keep Freddy and Jacques from winning another national title! Many congratulations, when do we get to see another excellent performance? Perhaps in next week’s race from Brive, who knows?


Beste Freddy en Jacques en Fam.,

Proficiat met deze nieuwe stunt !!!
Straffe mannen om tegen te spelen !
Doe zo verder .
Vr. gr. Fam. Vanneste-Demely uit Moorsele

de duivensport is in volle evolutie :

enzerzijds superduiven/super liefhebbers met super-super reusltaten en

anderzijs duiven/liefhebbers die "HET bovenstaande" in staande houden.

ik heb geen probeem om "gebroeders van den heede" geluk te wensen maar het verkort de duivensport belangrijk naar de toekomst toe.

morgen krijgen we op brive/bourges en andere "dezelfde namen" met de zelfde imponente cijfers ...

wie leeft zal zien want morgen wordt het opnieuw werkgeblazen.............