Flandrin Guy wins Pau International 2005!

Guy FLANDRIN, Helfaut (Pas de Calais)

"Ourasi I" is the winning pigeon from Guy Flandrin, the pigeon became a legend by winning one of the most difficult Pau races. An extraordinary pigeon was necessary to come through from Pau.
Cocorico, cocorico and again cocorico!
3 of the last races , the international winner of Pau was situated in France. And again this year, France had the honour to provide the international winner of Pau.
In 2002 the international winner was Pierre en Sandrine Verove with their "Varenne". Last year it was Frank Duquesnoy. This it was Guy Flandrin, he is unbelievably happy with this, it changed his life completely.
Guy started racing pigeons together with his daughter. When the father of Guy died very early and unexpected, Guy took over the pigeons. He started to race alone in the region of Blendecques. He almost quit racing when his pigeons were all stolen. It was a very difficult period, but he decided after all to continue to race long distance and extreme long distance. It was in that period that a pure Hetru was bought, from the line of the Saphir, strain Gorin. He bred very thoroughly but still Guy was not satisfied. He decided to sell almost all his pigeons and on that moment the 012 appeared, he was a fantastic pigeon on long distance racers, especially on Pau. In that period he got another Gorin, through a small fancier, Atzori and he coupled that one to the nestsister of the "012". A golden couple was born. From this couple the international winner of Pau is born. This couple has not been seperated and will never be. All pigeons from this couple are kept...

480040/01, “Ourasi I”, winner international Pau 2005

This wonderful blue cock, very strong in the hand, has a blac, yellow, red eye, just like a belgian flag ; older fanciers call it a “national” eye, very lively. However he has a ring of 2001, he was only bred in 2003.
In 2004 he proved his qualities by arriving always first in the loft in the preparing races. He became 5th of 200 pigeons from Montoire and 25th of 406 pigeons from Beauvais. He raced during three races from Brive and did not race any more the same year.
In 2005 he already shows his top condition rather early. The 7th may he was basketted for the first time, immediately 300 KM and he won 16th of 35 pigeons from Chateaudun. The 21st the distance was decreased and he won 3rd against 175 pigeons from Val de Reuil. The 28th he wins 10th against 242 pigeons from Montoire. Afterwards Limoges 835e/15606, afterwards Pau.
The father is 404907/01 , purchased on the auction of Michel Atzori. He comes from 042877/93 , which comes from 813690/91, cock related to “Saphir” Hetru (son x daughter coupled “Saphir” ) X the 613552/91, own daughter of “Jules XI” from Richard Mersch / Stree that was coupled with a hen strain Vinois ’Ellezelles. The grandmother of the Pau comes from Noyelle Father & Son from Ferfay and he comes from the famous “Dalton” ras Cattryse X daughter “Maradonna” Noyelle.
The mother, 502011/97, nestsister “012” , 012 was the first real good pigeon on the loft of Flandrin. This "011/97” is a pure Hetru, got in 1993 from a famous french fancier. Father of “011/97” is the 658363/93 that comes from a brother of “Ursus”, national winner and only pigeon that arrived home same day from Marseille X thee 659088/84 out of "Burgos” x “Diane”.
The mother of “011/97” comes from a halfbrother from the same "Ursus” X 636552/83, sister “Saphir”.
An amost classical method.
A lot of brothers / sisters of the Pau are in the loft of Flandring, where he practices the total widowship system…or actually a kind of widowship system.

The youngsters are not trained, they used to be before. The yearlings have to show their abilities up to Sint Vincent, liberation at noon. The old pigeons have to have races 1000 to 1200 km in distance before they go to the long distance races.
Medical supervision, vaccination against paratyphoid and paramyxo. Every 3 weeks a cure against trycho only during the season. After the racing season the racers breed one youngsters and can breed up to half of january.
Then everything is seperated for three months and afterwards 2 times coupled for 4 days. Chasing of the nest only starts if the hens are put in the voliere where they lay eggs…
Food : Natural 4 seizoenen, the cheapest one. Winter or summer always as much food as they want, as well before as after the race.

A modest fancier.
It is very nice to meet people like Guy, real pure long distance racers that reach the top by working hard for that. Guy, 42 years old, working for the village, learned from the men with the big principles…e.g. the 2 to 3 obligated trainings from 2 hours…
Family, friends, and real values are very important for our guest from today. He also want to thank his wife for the patience, which gives Guy the chance to practice his hobby for the full 100 %.
Again a fantastic international victory added to the list of french fanciers, who dominated this last edition of the international Pau race.