Dirk Moens (Grimbergen, BE) wins the national yearlings race from Bourges

The vet from Grimbergen has won the seasons opener from Bourges. It turned out to be a very demanding flight in which Miro (BE12-2124186) proved to be the fastest of a total of 33,229 pigeons with a velocity of 1153 m/min.

People are still suspicious about vets who are successful in pigeon racing. Many fanciers falsely believe that their success is simply the result of some medicine or wonder drug. Of course veterinary surgeons know a lot more about medicines than any other fancier. However, they overlook the fact that their success is founded on a solid basis of excellent pigeons with a strong character that are intensively trained and taken care of. This is something that is often neglected. It is a fact that Dirk Moens has the medical knowhow to keep his pigeons in great health but it is also a fact that he has a carefully selected pigeon breed that can take a beating. This makes it a lot easier for him to achieve great results, even without medicines or magic potions. This was illustrated by his impressive start to the season, including last weekend’s top result. Dirk is 44 years old and he has been a vet since 1995. Over the years he has gained a reputation as an outstanding pigeon fancier, which is not surprising. He has been involved in pigeon racing since an early age, first via his grandfather (who was successful in the sprint races at local level) and his father Jean, and later as a veterinary surgeon. Initially he worked with small pets most of the time but in recent years he switched his focus to pigeons. He would often offer a helping hand in the loft of his father Jean as well, who was increasingly interested in the longer distance races rather than the sprint competition. Jean is the winner of a first National from Pau. As a vet, Dirk soon wanted to become a pigeon fancier himself and Jean gave him a small selection of pigeons that had been successful at the middle distance. For the first five years Dirk raced with his young birds only, due to lack of time but it formed a sound basis. Every season he kept his best young birds to be used as breeding birds. In 2005 Dirk decided to take his hobby more seriously and he soon started to have great results.

Miro wins against 13,570 yearlings

Miro, BE12-2124186, is named after his two sons Milan and Robbe. This is a wonderful blue cock with a yellow eye, a great looking wing and a strong skeleton. That was the kind of pigeon you needed if you wanted to win Saturday’s race. It was a difficult race and only the very best were able to perform well. Miro arrived home in Grimbergen at 15:36’22”, after a race of 451.389 km which he covered with a velocity of 1153.37 m/min. Miro was the fastest of 13,570 yearlings and 19,659 old birds together. Miro has excellent origins: his sire was purchased as a late youngster from Paul Delmotte from Hamme in 2010. This sire is a grandson of Blue Ace (2nd nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB) of Erik Limbourg and a grandson of Blauwe Swing of Louis Van den Eynde, two fanciers from Brussegem. The winning pigeon is also related to the dam of Gilbert, first international Bordeaux for Limbourg. 

The dam is a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem that was purchased from Anton Ruitenberg from Zwolle (NL), a fancier known for his Vandenabeele pigeon collection. The dam is a grandchild of Bliksem and James Bond, two top class pigeons of Vandenabeele. Click here for the pedigree of Miro.

Total widowhood

Miro was raced on total widowhood. Moens began the season with 32 cocks and 32 hens, all on total widowhood. They were paired in early January and they were allowed to raise one round of youngsters, after which they were separated. After that it was time for a number of training flights. All pigeons had to train for at least one hour every day and it seems that the hens were more motivated than the cocks. The second pairing was delayed due to bad weather.  They were eventually paired for four days in early April, while Dirk prepared them for the first flight from Guiévrain with the union. Two flights from Quiévrain, two flights from Noyon and one flight from Angerville, that was all the pigeons needed to be ready for the provincial and national races. The birds were in great fitness right from the start and Dirk was satisfied with their form. They managed to win two first prizes from Noyon and they achieved the following top 100 results in last week’s race from Vierzon:

1,180 old birds: 9-12-15-35
587 yearlings: 3-13-21

In the race from Vierzon he basketed the old birds that will race from Limoges next week, as well as the hens that raced Bourges last week. The extreme middle distance cocks were not sent to Vierzon because of the bad weather conditions. They had to do last weekend’s race from Angerville instead. In fact the national winner of last weekend did well from Angerville with a 35th prize against 1,995 pigeons.

Medical guidance

Of course we were eager to know how this veterinary surgeon prepares his pigeons for the season. Before the breeding season the pigeons receive an eight-day treatment with Dicural and during the breeding season they are given a tricho cure. It is also worth noting that he studies the droppings of his pigeons regularly. After the second race from Noyon there was a four day cure with a product against trichomoniasis, ornithosis and respiratory infections. Dirk is also an advocate of eye and nose drops. The eye drops contain antibiotics and the nose drops help to prevent mucus from building up. He also applies yellow drops of Yydex on a weekly basis, which helps to prevent trichomoniasis and mucus in the respiratory system. Dirk has noticed that his pigeons have hardly suffered from trichomoniasis since he has been using these drops. A few weeks ago he also did a three day cure against erythromycin.


Moens relies completely on the Matador company and he follows their scheme closely. For the provincial and national races the feeding scheme looks as follows: when they arrive home they are given Super Start; on Saturday evening ½ Super Start and ½ Premium Vlieg. On Sundays they are given Super Start, on Monday 2/3 Super Start and 1/3 Premium Vlieg. On Tuesday there is Premium Vlieg and a combination of ½ Premium Vlieg and ½ Turbo Energy in the evening; on Thursday they are fed Turbo Energy.
Dirk uses some Omega Oil and Protein Plus of Backs, as well as Recovery Superior of Vydex, all to enhance recovery. They are also given some Tea and Schleimfrei, a Backs product. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays he gives his pigeons some of his home made fitness powder. When the pigeons are basketed they are given some vitamin B as well.

The main pigeon breeds in the lofts in Brimbergen are Marcel Aelbrecht (via Flanders Collection and Louis Van den Eynde), Erik Limbourg (via Paul Delmotte), R&P Vervloesem, the Chipo line of Benny Steveninck, Koen Van Roy and Gaby Vandenabeele (via Anton Ruitenberg). This is the basis, enhanced with some pigeons from other lofts. Dirk is not afraid to purchase the children or brothers and sisters of ace pigeons. He admits that he has spent more time in the loft in the last few months because he has finished renovating his house, which was very time consuming. It seems his extra time in the loft has paid off!


Hallo Dirk,

Gefeliciteerd, het zat er aan te komen met een hok in top conditie.


van harte proficiat dirk
geniet er van en op naar de volgende overwining
met een hok in vorm weet je nooit

Vagenende danny

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