Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE): an expected victory

“This time I’ve done everything I can... it can’t go wrong”. This is what Davy Tournelle said to his mother in the evening before his pigeons were basketed for La Souterraine.

Before the race

Some insiders had already predicted a top prize or even a win for Davy Tournelle as soon as the weather conditions were good in central and east Belgium. The pigeons of Tournelle had been doing great all season: they managed to win at least two top ten prizes in every middle distance race they were basketed for in their club De Hoop’ in Rummen. We give you an overview:

Vierzon:      56 p.: 1-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 (19 pigeons sent in)
Bourges:     213 p.: 1-2-3-4-6-8 (19 sent in)
Chateauroux:  87 p.: 7-10 (15 sent in)
Chateauroux: 169 p.: 4-6 (15 sent in)
Montluçon:   155 p.: 2-5-9-10 (16 sent in)
Montluçon:   115 p.: 1-3 (15 sent in)
Argenton:    128 p.: 1-10 (16 sent in)
Salbris:      41 p.: 1-7-8 (7 sent in)
Bourges:     122 p.: 2-4 (12 sent in)
Le Mans:      49 p.: 2-3-5-9-10 (21 sent in)
Argenton:     62 p.: 5-6-10 (4 sent in)
Blois:        23 p.: 1-2-5-6-8 (16 sent in)

The last race from Blois was a particularly successful day for the Tournelle pigeons. The other fanciers knew that he would be a strong candidate for the national win; they had to keep an eye on his pigeons from then on. Most of the fanciers from the eastern part of the country had a hard time in this interprovincial race: for the old birds most of the basketing clubs like for instance the Molse fondclub New Hageland Testelt had to wait for an hour before the prizes were awarded. In Rummen however the prizewinners arrived within 25 minutes of each other, driven by the pigeons of Davy. At interprovincial level against 1,169 pigeons he was the only fancier with two pigeons in the result; his first pigeon took the 40th place.

The winner

National winner Lilly

Davy is an extremely devoted fancier: every morning he wakes up at 5h15 to go to his parents’ house, where his lofts are situated. He takes care of the pigeons before going off to work at 8 o’clock. In the evening, after his daytime job, he goes back to the lofts. Meanwhile his father and his assistant Roger Breels assist him in maintaining the loft. But these efforts would not be useful if they did not have top class pigeons. That is something Davy knew from the start. They put a lot of effort into their pigeons and they only obtain the very best birds. They purchased pigeons from M & G Casaert, Guido Loockx, Verbruggen, wed. Smeulders, and others. So basically they are looking for the very best birds in Belgium. These are all fanciers with one or more national wins on their list of achievements. The winner from La Souterraine was called Lilly and is a crossing of some of the best bloodlines in Davy’s loft. Sire is the brother of Cheyenne of M. & G. Casaert. On her mother’s side she stems from the best birds in the loft. Her great-grandfather is Tiesto. You can click here for the full pedigree of Lilly.


Tiësto, breeder of champions in the loft of Tournelle

It would be fair to say that this cock has turned Davy into the successful fancier he is today: he is one of the stars of pigeon racing in Belgium. We present to you two descendants of Tiësto:

Torres: 2020506/09

Candidate for 1st Olympiad pigeon middle distance 2013 Nitra, Slovakia
1st Olympiad pigeon middle distance Continental Cup Budapest 2012
Chateauroux:  14 / 22,718 p.
La Chatre:   101 / 15,780 p.
Chateauroux: 135 / 20,517 p.
Argenton:    176 / 12,390 p.
Bourges:     198 / 20,598 p.
Montluçon:   346 / 17,865 p.

Safira: 2192171/07

3rd Nat.  Ace pigeon KBDB grand middle distance 2009
1st Prov. Ace pigeon KBDB grand middle distance 2009
Montluçon: semi-nat.: 14/7,516
Vichy:     int.prov.:  2/2,372
Vierzon:   prov.:      2/543


Of course I cannot predict the future, but I can imagine that if the team from Rummen continues with the same passion and drive it would not be a surprise to see them take another top result. I wish Davy, his father and his assistant Roger Breels good luck for the future!


Proficiat met jullie overwinning aan Davy maar ook aan vader & moeder .

Félicitations à vous.
Bonne continuation.

Great pigeons,great guy.A bright future.