Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE) dominated the race from Chevrainvilliers in Flemish Brabant Sector 2 and 3

The race from Chevrainvilliers took place on 19th of August in sector 2 and 3 in Flemish Brabant. Davy Tournelle came out as the big winner with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th against 3,118 youngsters and no less than 27 top 50 placings. This is yet another top result that can be attributed to the golden Tiësto bloodline and to top breeder Torres.

Rolled over

The shorter middle distance race from Chevrainvilliers took place in Flemish Brabant in sector 2 and 3 last Saturday. A total of 3,118 young birds were basketed, including 213 of Davy Tournelle's birds. Davy knew he was up for a very busy day but he did not expect his pigeons to be that successful. His pigeons arrived home in quick succession, winning the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prize overall in a mere 19 seconds. He was victorious again less than three minutes later, with nine pigeons arriving home in less than 90 seconds, all finishing in the top 25. In short, Davy has 27 pigeons within the top 50, which is more than 50%! In addition, 128 on a total of 213 pigeons have won a prize, including 108 per four, 70 per ten and 16 per 100. We let you do the math:

19/08/2017  Chevrainvillers (347,548 km) 3118 youngsters: 
936-937-956 (128/213)

Pigeon racing is a family affair here in Rummen: father & mother Tournelle and their son

Torres shows his breeding potential again in 2017

This exceptional achievement can be largely attributed to none other than top breeder Torres, a descendant of Davy's renowned Tiësto bloodline. Davy believes that this pigeon is the best bird he has ever had. Two of a total of four top prizes were won by a grandchild of Torres:

  • 2nd Chevrainvilliers 3,118 p.: the dam Roos comes from Torres x Rosie (winner of 1st Prov. Montluçon 1,523 p., 13th Nat. Châteauroux 8,624 p.)
  • 4th Chevrainvilliers 3,118 p.: the dam Beauty Torres comes from Torres x Blauw Nationaaltje (the dam of a 1st Nat. Châteauroux 3,936 p., 1st Interprov. Sens 2,172 p. and 1st Prov. Salbris 1,614 p.)

These achievements did not really come as a surprise, especially if we think back of Torres's palmares as a racing bird:

1st Nat. Châteauroux 4,690 p.
1st Prov. Châteauroux 4,004 p. (13e Nat. 22,719 p.)
1st Best Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Belgium 2009-2012
1st International Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Continental Cup Budapest 2012
3rd Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance 2013
4th Olympiad Pigeon Allround 2013
5th Olympiad Pigeon Olds Category H 2013

Besides, the 3rd Chevrainvilliers 3,118 p. comes from the line of Tiësto as well: sire Arrow is a youngster of Tiësto (the sire of Torres) x Chantal. The only pigeon not to be related to Torres 1st Chevrainvilliers, although this pigeon is related to several ace pigeons and successful racing birds as well.

Torres, a Tiësto descendant and the cock that bred numerous Tournelle prize winners

Close to a 1st National with grandson Torres earlier on

The race from Chevrainvilliers was not the first race in which Torres demonstrated his excellent breeding qualities. He already excelled in the long distance in July, being the grandfather of the 2nd National Jarnac. He was paired to his half sister Sofia at the time, and they have one parent in common: none other than Tiësto. It goes to show that this is yet another loft that revolves around a few key elements. These will no doubt enable Team Tournelle to maintain its position as one of the top players in Belgium for years to come.