Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE) claims 1st and 2nd Nat. zone B2 Châteauroux

While most fanciers are glad that the demanding 2018 season is over, the pigeons of Davy Tournelle from Rummen have ended the season in style with a fantastic result from Chateauroux: a 1st and 2nd National in Zone B2.

Bound to happen

Davy's pigeons had been in fantastic shape in recent weeks, as you can tell from their results:

18/08 Chevrainvilliers Obrafo 1004 YBs: 
98... (64/134)

26/08 Melun new middle distance union 1458 YLs: 
126-127-128-142-143-145… (80/140)

01/09 Melun new middle distance union 1349 YLs: 
113-125-126-130-131… (94/148)

08/09 Blois provincial Flemish Brabant 2258 YLs: 
157-173-185-192-199-211-217-218-220… (76/148)

No one will be surprised to hear that many people were agerly awaiting the last national race of the season.

Châteauroux on 15/9: a pivotal moment after a strong month of racing

Chateauroux IV, the last national race of 2018, had 14,636 pigeons at the start line, including 1790 old birds and 12,846 young birds. The wind was coming from the northeast in France, and it turned slightly to the west as the pigeons reached Belgium. This meant that the birds were up for a nice and challenging day. The race went by without any major difficulties, and team Tournelle quickly understood that they needed to clock a bird around 2:45pm in order to have an early arrival. They could not be happier to see two birds approach the loft at 2:44 pm. They were clocked as 5th and 8th national, and they eventually turned out to be the 1st and 2nd national in Zone B2, obviously claiming a 1st and 2nd provincial along the way. The two pigeons had in fact a 5 minute lead over their closest opponent in this category.

Youngsters of the 3rd round lead the way

The two youngsters come from the 3rd round, and the flight from Châteauroux was their 9th race so far. They were raced with the sliding door, and they did a brief 50km training flight the day before basketing. Davy had not other choice but to organise a short training flight, since some racing cocks had been outside training for too long both on Monday and Tuesday. It was Jelle Roziers, a renowned young birds' fancier, who advised to put the pigeon together on Thursday morning, and to make the loft extra cosy with a layer of straw. The results were obvious, and Davy was grateful to Jelle for sharing his advice.

Tinny BE18-2038287: 1st national zone B2 Châteauroux

Sire: BE13-2188764 is a grandson of top breeder Tiesto, the number one breeder for team Tournelle. You can read more about this pigeon's numerous descendants in our previous report.

Dam: BE14-2188620 is a daughter of Tiesto x Rosie, winner of a 1st Provincial from Montluçon. She is also the dam of a 1st Chevrainvilliers of 608 pigeons.

Tinny also won an 8th of 1008 p. from Chevrainvilliers, a 14th of 1855 p. from Chevrainvilliers, a 13th of 468 p. from Melun, and a 217th provincial from Blois of 2258 p.

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Thirze BE18-2038355: 2nd national zone B2 Châteauroux

Sire: BE09-2020505 Tevez is a son of Tiesto x Fleur, a sister of the 1st National Bourges of 11,933 pigeons and thus the dam of Torres, Tevez, and Talentino, all top class birds in the loft of Tournelle.

Dam: BE15-2287288 Copy Mil, a daughter of Zoran x Nationaaltje. She won a 1st National Châteauroux of 3936 p. and she was the fastest interprovincial twice: from Sens and Salbris.

Thirze won a 22nd provincial Blois of 2258 p., a 53rd Melun of 1458 p., a 26th Melun of 468 p., a 228th Soissons of 2251 p., and a 233rd Melun of 1349 p.

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