The “Chateauroux” from Roger and Jurgen Vervaeke from Deerlijk wins 1st provincial Chateauroux in West-Flanders by the 4072 yearlings

The race from Chateauroux national was a very tough race for the yearlings… as they had to fight against the heat and a strong headwind.

With a velocity of 1127,04 m  the “Chateauroux” from father and son Vervaeke from the Mezenlaan in Deerlijk flew the, for him, 465 km and classified as the primus from more than 4000 yearlings basketted in the kustprovincie. What’s more …… this yearling also had a good result nationally, by classifying 2nd against 24769 yearlings. 

Roger and Jurgen had 5 yearlings in this national Chateauroux and managed to get three in the results, whereby two real toppers. In the Fond club in Rekkem there were 618 yearlings and there they won 1st , 6th and  140th with the 1st & 2nd nominated first.  Provincial against  4072 p they were 1st and 20th plus another prize later…… National against 24769 p :  2nd and according to the prognosis around the 100th prize with their second pigeon . A good performance then!

On the same day 6 pigeons also went to Ablis and Roger and Jurgen scored as follows : 247 p : 2nd – 11th – 13th – 62nd – 66th and these pigeons came home in the same order as which they were nominated .

The “Chateauroux” : 3067062/10 is a pigeon with a marvellous honours list: in  2010 he won: 

4th  Ablis 268 p
20th Ablis 213 p
24th Tours 275 p and provincial 77th from 1925 p 

In  2011:

13th Clermont 206 p
27th Orléans 410 p
4th  Orléans 838 p
1st  Chateauroux Fond club 618 p
1st  Chateauroux 4072 p
2nd  nat. Chateauroux 24769 p 

In the pedigree we see that  “racing top” is in the blood of the “Chateauroux”! His father is a brother of the hen (3016297/06) which won the 1st prize national Gueret in 2006 against 10523 youngsters. The mother of the “Chateauroux”, with ring number 07-3038801, is a sister of the “Asduif”  from Jozef Laevens . Let us say that the recent provincial winner from Chateauroux  is a barrel full of inborn talent!

They have one loft containing 10 yearlings and 6 old racing pigeons. Above the lofts there are three power lines which cause real havoc with their pigeons every year. This year a two year old and a yearling widower have perished and of the 87 weaned youngsters there are only 41 over. Every season  40 to 50 % of their youngsters fall victim to these murderous wires.

This winter the racing pigeons bred a round of youngsters and then went into the aviary until the end of February. At the beginning of April they were given their hen and as it was such good weather they had their first Arras race after being together for 5 or 6 days ……by the homecoming they remained together for another hour and then the hens went into the aviary. As preparation the widowers race Arras 1 or 2 x, 2 x Clermont to then start the races further than Paris. So long as the races are not further than 400 km then the racing pigeons are basketted every week, once they are further then they are basketted every fortnight. Young cocks race no more than  1 or 2 x Tours, they young hens sometimes race a couple of Nationals.  That was our report on Roger and Jurgen Vervaeke  from Deerlijk, two fine fanciers with a small colony of excellent pigeons. Congratulations!