Breeding bird Tiësto proves invaluable for Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE)

The world famous DJ Tiësto knows how to throw a party, while his namesake Tiësto knows how to breed top quality pigeons: his descendants have been winning numerous top prizes and championship titles for Davy Tournelle from Rummen.

Davy with his mother and father, his two biggest fans

We reckon the Tournelle family is very grateful towards their outstanding pigeon Tiësto. Nearly every provincial and national podium prize and regional, provincial and national victory can be attributed to the Tiësto bloodline. Davy and his mother and father have an unshakable confidence in Tiësto's descendants. After the disastrous flight from Chateauroux, every Belgian fancier was complaining about the race conditions, except for Davy Tournelle, who claimed the national first prize. "Those that can't make it back home this evening will eventually return tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. He was confident about this." (eventually two old birds and one yearling would not survive the race). He had a 50% prize percentage with 15 prizes for 27 pigeons (prizes 1/4), and eleven pigeons won a prize per 10. These are his overall results against 3,933 old birds: 1-4-16-76-122-148-166-187-208-275-365-... He did equally well in the yearlings' race: 15 prizes with 26 pigons, including eight prizes per ten. He won a 84-214-319-381-491-511-517-55-592-... against 5,868 yearlings.

Many lofts struggled to get back on track after the race from Chateauroux but Davy continued to deliver:

1,759 olds: 4-13-34-127-130-174-...(10/13 with 6 per 10)
2,418 yearlings: 17-67-101-146-175-193-208-211-...(11/18 with 8 per 10)

La Souterraine:
2,548 olds: 352 (1/1)

2,212 olds: 19-63-107-149-165-170-189...(15/24 with 7 per 10)

These are not his only top results in 2015. He had a great start two weeks earlier, with a provincial first prize from Blois against 804 old birds (and he was the fastest of 5,124 pigeons). The winning hen was another descendant of Tiësto: she is one of his granddaughters (the sire if Tiësto Goldie's. An extensive overview of Davy's results of last season can be found here.

Tiësto (BE05-2217970)

Davy explains the value of Tiësto for the Tournelle family: "He is the undisputed number one in our breeding loft, since approximately 90 percent are related to him." This is no exaggeration ; this young and motivated fancier knows what he is talking about. A list of achievements from the youngsters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Tiësto can be found here.

Some of his best descendants, both in terms of achievements and breeding value, will be presented below.

Torres (BE09-2020506)

"This is the very best pigeon we have ever had in our loft", says Davy about this son of Tiësto. His list of achievements says it all:

Best Middle Distance Pigeon of Belgium 2009-2012
1st nat. zone Chateauroux 4,690 p.
1st Olympiad Pigeon Continental Cup Budapest Middle Distance 2012
3rd Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance Nitra 2013
4th Olympiad Pigeon All-round Nitra 2013
5th Olympiad Pigeon Old Birds Category H Nitra 2013
1st prov. Chateauroux 2,264 p. (fastest of 4,004 p.) - 13th nat. 22,719 p.
10th nat. Zone Argenton 2,911 p. - 55th nat. 7,358 p.
10th interprov. Moulins 1,769 p.
6th interprov. Toury 4,106 p.
23rd nat. zone Chateauroux 6,368 p. - 135th nat. 20,517 p.
101st nat. La Châtre 15,780 p.
2nd prov. Nevers 619 p.
4th interprov. Sens 581 p.
1st Vierzon 183 p. - 2nd Vierzon 430 p.
1st Bourges 810 p. - 8th nat. 6,289 p.
9th interprov. Montluçon 3,088 p. - 12th seminat. 5,491 p.
1st Argenton 128 p. - 34th seminat. 3,654 p.
3rd Nevers 320 p.
2nd Sens 628 p. (behind loft mate) - 5th interprov. 2,172 p.
2nd Salbris 391 p. (behind loft mate) - 2nd prov. 1,614 p.

Torres is very likely to follow in the footsteps of Tiësto. His first achievements as a breeder are very promising:

1st Marne 359 p. - 1st West 1,081 p.
1st Montluçon 304 p. - 15th interprov. 3,496 p. - 46th nat. 16,982 p.
2nd Momignies 422 p. (behind loft mate)
5th Soissons 360 p.
6th soissons 502 p.
4th Laon 1,221 p.
4th Montargis 653 p.
5th Sourdun 353 p. - 8th West 837 p.

He is also the grandfather of:

1st Soissons 609 p.
1st Toury 1,123 p.
2nd Soissons 1,001 p.
2nd interprov. Toury 2,179 p.
4th Chimay 885 p.
5th Soissons 609 p.
33rd nat. Montluçon 5,327 p.
38th nat. Montluçon 7,787 p.
41st nat. Chateauroux 1,933 p.
47th nat. Chateauroux 8,614 p.
76th nat. Montluçon 16,982 p.
13th Soissons 821 p.
13th Montargis 233 p.
19th Montargis 481 p.
14th Soissons 467 p.
16th Soissons 868 p.

Click here for the palmares of the youngsters and grandchildren of Torres. Keep in mind that Torres has only been in the breeding loft since 2013. The dam of Torres is Fleur (BE07-2192194), a full sister of the 1st nat. Bourges 11,933 p. (2nd fastest of 20,954 p. behind a loft mate). She is related to Jef, Luc and Nadia Houben. Click here for the full pedigree of Torres. Torres was one of the leading names in the Tiësto dynasty but his full brothers and sisters have been quite successful as well.

The eye of Torres

Tevez (BE09-2020505), nest brother of Torres

Tevez is the nest mate of Torres, and his best results include:

3rd La Souterraine 273 p. - 4th prov. 602 p. - 9th nat. 4,699 p.
3rd Bourges 905 p. - 24th nat. zone 5,806 p. - 65th nat. 14,145 p.
5th Bourges 810 p. - 22nd nat. zone 6,289 p. - 314th nat. 20,589 p.
6th Argenton 487 p. - 15th nat. 5,941 p.
6th argenton 914 p. - 40th nat. 16,325 p.
33rd nat. La souterraine 20,980 p.
38th interprov. Toury 4,106 p.
12th nat. La Souterraine 4,788 p.

Eye of Tevez

Talentino (BE09-2090537), brother of Torres and Tevez

1st Monluçon 482 p. - 2nd interprov. 3,122 p. - 3rd seminat. 5,907 p.
1st Argenton 306 p. - 8th nat. 3,498 p.
2nd Chateauroux 822 p. - 7th nat. zone 4,690 p. - 33rd nat. 22,719 p.
2nd Argenton 685 p. - 3rd prov. 1,301 p. - 2nd nat. zone 3,155 p. - 19th nat. 11,009 p.
2nd Orleans 192 p. - 4th gewest 1,216 p. - 5th interprov. 1,600 p.
3rd Toury 2,107 p. - 3rd interprov. 4,106 p. - 3rd interprov. 7,505 p.
20th Argenton 914 p. - 133rd nat. 16,325 p.
7th Argenton 100 p. -  17th prov. 487 p. - 69th nat. 5,941 p.

Tiesto's Fantasy (BE11 -2077362), brother of Torres and Tevez

Tiesto's Fantasy

The winners of a 10th national Argenton 4,498 p., a 14th nat. Argenton 4,498 p., a 34th nat. Tours 3,947 p., a 196th nat. Bourges 18,826 p., a 275th nat. Bourges 18,826 p., a 294th nat. Bourges 24,019 p., a 345th nat. Bourges 25,710 p. and a 489th nat. Montluçon are all sons or daughters of Tiesto's Fantasy. An Fleur is not the only partner which Tiësto has bred top class descendants with. Tiësto was also paired to Karen (BE05-2217924), winner of a 1st Sens 660 p. and a 20th prov. Blois, and together they bred Safira (BE07-2192171), winner of a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB and a 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2009. This racing hen won a 1st Villers-la-Tours 251 p., a 1st Argenton 209 p. (14th nat. 5,078 p.), 1st Vichy 441 p. (2nd int.prov. 2,372 p.) and a 1st Montluçon 115 p. (14th nat. 1,464 p.).

Sofia (BE11-2076545)


Sofia is a full sister of Safira. Click here for the full pedigree of Sofia. Sofia deserves a mention as well, since she is an invaluable breeder. She is the dam of Liv:

1st interprov. Chateauroux 1,689 p. - 2nd nat. 5,901 p.
1st Lorris 413 p.
1st Lorris 658 p.
3rd Lorris 796 p.
6th sourdun 152 p.
8th Marne 359 p.
10th Gien 305 p.
12th prov. Vierzon 747 p.
15th Gien 651 p.

In 2015 the first youngsters of Sofia were given a spot in the breeding team. It resulted in a 3rd Sourdun 353 p. (5th provincial 837 p.), a 2nd Sourdun 332 p., a 26th Reims 344 p. (65th dukoni 951 p.), a 28th Reims 344 p. (67th dukoni 951 p.), a 31st Soissons 609 p., a 33rd Soissons 609 p. and a 72nd Chimay 885 p. Davy decided not to put too much strain on his young birds; they were only basketed for races of up to 500km.

Goldies Tiesto (BE12-2067400), an inbred Tiësto

The strongest lines are most suited for inbreeding as well. Tiësto was paired to a daughter of Safira and this combination bred Goldies Tiësto - his pedigree can be found here. This pigeon won a 1st prov. Blois 804 p. (fastest of 5,124 p.), a 2nd prov. Chateauroux 414 p. (4th nat. 3,933 p.), a 40th nat. Montluçon 4,014 p., a 52nd nat. Tours 3,947 p., a 176th nat. Bourges 9,256 p. and a 264th nat. Argenton 4,498 p.

Mila (BE11-2076623)

About ten percent of this pigeon family is not related to Tiësto. In fact, Davy won his fourth national first prize with Mila, one of the pigeons of that remaining 10 percent. She claimed victory in the highly coveted race from Chateauroux III against 3,938 pigeons, while settling for third overall against 27,038 pigeons. "I am glad the race was won by a super class hen", said one of Belgium's greatest champions. Mila showed her potential for the first time in Chateauroux II, finishing in 15th place nat. against 10,933 p. She closed the season as 18th National Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance old birds. Click here for Mila's palmares in recent seasons. The sire of Mila is Zoran (BE06-2233925), and he is one of a kind. He has bred quite a number of top class pigeons, just like Tiësto. Zoran is the sire of a 1st interprov. Sens 2,482 p., a 1st prov. Salbris 1,850 p. and a 1st prov. Salbris 1,614 pigeons. Click here for the list of achievements of Mila's brothers and sisters. The dam of Milan is Blauw Nationaaltje (BE07-2192078), and she is a daughter of a 1st nat. Bourges 11,933 pigeons. Blauw Nationaaltje is related to the renowned bloodlines of De Kadet and De As of Verbruggen from her father's side. These bloodlines continue to play an important role in pigeon racing in Belgium, thirty years after they were born. You can find the full pedigree of Mila here.

Orientation and perseverance

It would be easy to name the three strong points of the Tournelle pigeon family. First of all, this loft is led by a great team: Davy and his mother and father. The other two strong points have to do with the pigeons themselves: an excellent sense of orientation, and great perseverance. It is no coincidence that the Tournelle pigeon family is particularly successful in the most demanding conditions (not just bad weather). This combination of orientation and perseverance enables the Tournelles pigeons to achieve great results in good weather and in less favourable weather conditions alike. Many of their opponents have only one of these two characteristics, which means they can excel in good weather conditions but fail to deliver in less favourable weather. The Tournelle pigeon breed won 31 top 100 prizes in the national races last season, with ten prizes in the top 20. Click here for the full overview. Next year Davy will make his debut in the one day long distance. The champions in this discipline will be facing another opponent in 2016.


Knappe prestaties, chapeau!!!

Hello Davy ,
Last year you won natioanl Chateauroux 1st , i visited you with Ivan immidiately , your super breeders /racers gave us a very deeeeeep impression , like Tiësto,Torres and new superstar Mila ...
Most importantly , you and your father are quite nice and we had a nice afternoon ...Hope your birds can bring a lot of success for me and other fanciers .
Happy Chinese Lantern Festival !
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