1st prov. Blois and 1st prov. Tulle - a prelude to another national victory for Davy Tournelle?

Orientation skills, speed and determination. This is what characterises the racing pigeon of today, and they also happen to be the three key features of the Davy Tournelle pigeon breed.

Davy and his parents, a triumvirate passionate about pigeons

Smart and fast

Besides the sprint, the middle distance and the long distance racing birds, our sport has three more categories of pigeons. The first category is that of the battering ram. This type of pigeon is first of all very strong, and is particularly successful in sun-drenched races. However, these pigeons tend to lose 50% or more of their potential in less sunny conditions, or in races that require some thinking as well. They will quickly turn into extras in these conditions. Another category of pigeon is the "Je m'en fou", French for I don't care. These pigeons are determined to return home at a steady pace, whether it be stormy, overcast or sunny. They are not as motivated as the battering rams but they do have a cool head that helps them get back to the finish line in even the worst of conditions, not in the least thanks to their excellent orientation skills. These pigeons will not often win an early prize in everyday races but they can really excel in races with dreadful conditions.
The third category is that of the fast and clever pigeon. These are battering rams that also have the cool head and the orientation skills of a Je m'en fou pigeon. In other words, they combine intelligence with swift action and strength. These pigeon families can win top prizes in basically every race. They excel in easy and more demanding races alike. They actually prefer a combination of both. They will win one top result after another and in races with less than ideal conditions. 

A strong breed

Several sprint and shorter middle distance races that were to take place on Saturday 23rd of July were postponed due to the bad weather conditions on the release sites or the flight lines. The race from Blois was one of the few flights that did take off that day. It was obviously quite a tough race, to put it mildly. It was obvious from the very start that it would take a "smart and fast" pigeon to claim victory from Blois, and we were not surprised to see Davy Tournelle taking the first prize against 1,472 yearlings. He also beat 979 old birds and 1,622 young birds with the fastest pigeon overall of 4,073 racing birds. A total of 44 yearlings had a velocity of 1,100 m/min or more, including three pigeons of Davy. He had basketed 22 birds for this race.

Delivering results

Davy Tournelle proved last year that his pigeon breed is smart and fast indeed, as he won a 1st Nat. Chateauroux III with Mila (BE11-2076623). Fanciers across Belgium were complaining about the race conditions, but Davy clocked 23 of his 56 pigeons on the day of the release, winning four national top 100 prizes. You can reread our report about his national victory here. Davy also won a 1st Prov. Blois last year. The difference between the first and the last pigeon last year was 120 m/min, compared to 210 m/min in this year's race.

Tears of Fire (BE15-2039051)

Davy and his 1st prov. Blois: Tears of Fire

The provincial winner is called Tears of Fire. This is already her third victory in two seasons, having also won a 1st Soissons 609 p. and a 1st Vervins 312 pigeons. Additionally, she won a 4th Chimay 885 p. and a 3rd Vervins 1,042 pigeons. She was a bit lucky when she arrived home from the race: many Belgian fanciers will remember the heavy floods in the region at the time, and Tears of Fire and her loft mates managed to reach their home loft only shortly before the entire region got flooded.

The wing of Tears of Fire


This calculation is correct not only in a mathematical sense, the 1x1 combination usually leads to a new number 1 in pigeon racing as well. We can tell from the pedigree of Tears of Fire that she originates from 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Ave Regina, from a 1st Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance, from a 1st Nat. Bourges, and from the sister/brother/half sister/dam/sire of a 1st national or 1st provincial. She is heavily based on the bloodlines of Tiësto (one of Davy's best breeders) and Torres, which Davy says is the best pigeon he has ever had. Torres was the best middle distance pigeon of Belgium between 2009 and 2012. You can find the full pedigree of Teers of Heaven here.

A prelude?

Davy achieved a wonderful result in the 2012 race from Blois, after an unforgettable season. The crowning achievement of 2012 followed quickly, as he won a 1st National from La Souterraine. In 2015 Davy won a 1st Prov. Blois during a successful first half of the season, and he went on to win a 1st Nat. Chateauroux later on in the year. The year 2016 appears to be going in similar fashion: his results have been excellent so far, with most notably a 1st prov. from Blois:

Chimay                 261 olds : 1-5-11-13-14-16-18-19-21-28-31-32-33-35-….
Vervins                312 YLs  : 1-2-4-5-6-8-9-10-11-12-13-16-18-19-20-21-22-24-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-32-33-….
Melun                  277 YLs  : 1-3-6-7-10-21-24-27-28-29-31-32-33-34-…
Bourges                279 olds : 1-2-5-8-13-14-20-25-30-31-32-33-34-35-…
Jarnac                 179 olds : 1-3-5-9-10-11-17-19-20-22-23-….
                       198 YLs  : 1-3-4-5-9-14-19-22-23-….
Blois                  107 olds : 3-4-6-11-15-33    6/13
                       114 YLs  : 1-2-3-5-6-10-11-12-13-24-34-35-37  13/22

And then there was Tulle

Davy is still waiting for the icing on the cake, although the final long distance race of the season was quite a success already: the Tournelle pigeon breed worked very hard and they basically dominated the entire race. Davy had five pigeons in the top-60 against 6,100 old birds: 15-24-33-47-58. He had three pigeons in the top 50 against 7,326 yearlings as well, including two top 20 prizes: 17-19-38. 

Golden White (BE14-2188702)

Davy with his 1st prov. Tulle: Golden White

His 15th place at national level also led to his second provincial victory of 2016. He had basketed 35 pigeons, each of which was in great form that day. The team won a 1-2-4-5-6-12-15-17 provincial against 294 pigeons, as well as 22 prizes per 4. The leader of the team was Golden White, although an even more important name in this success story is that of Tiësto. He is in fact the grandfather of Golden White from his father's side. Click here for the full pedigree of Golden White.

The wing of Golden White

The yearlings' race was equally successful, despite only just failing to win another provincial first prize. He had basketed 28 yearlings, which won a 2-3-7-17-35 and 15 prizes per 4 (against 562 YLs). This team was heavily based on that same Tiësto as well: of the five old birds and three yearlings that won a national top 60, 5 were grandchildren of Tïesto, and another one was a great-grandchild of him. It shows how important this bloodline is to the Tournelle pigeon family.


We conclude our report with a brief report of the race from Vierzon. Davy was unsure whether to basket his team from Bourges for Melun (about 300km) or Vierzon (467km) but in the end he opted for Vierzon:

522 olds:      3-11...(8/10)
765 YLs:    8-15-26-33-34-48...(14/18)
1,284 YBs:  14-26-42-43-76-85...(34/67)

Next up: the closing national classics. We are eager to see if his pigeons can excel in these races as well.