バーテンブルフ&ファン・デ・メルヴェ - クラースワール(オランダ)、再び素晴らしい活躍。

The Dutch emperors of the ZLU seized ‘the classic’ Barcelona to give added lustre to the2011 season. High expectations which came true after the original double first National Marathon and the first Western European Super Marathon 2010.

The first serious showdown for Hugo Batenburg and Anita Batenburg in 2011 was St. Vincent … 1.000 km for the canons from Klaaswaal and with 16 pigeons entered, nine prizes were achieved. Eventually leading in the National result to: 

  Nat. St. Vincent sector II  5.458 pigeons: 13th-57th-89th-etc. (9/16) 

The 13th National was won by NL07-1765713 ‘Miss Narbonne’, one of the best Batenburg-Van de Merwe hens at the moment. In 2010 she was already co-winner of both the National and the West-European Marathon title with a.o. the 11th Nat. Narbonne 3.773 pigeons (also 3rd Nat. hens 856 pigeons) and 51st Internat. 14.457 pigeons and 74th Nat. St. Vincent 5.336 pigeons. She previously won 22nd Nat. Bordeaux 2009 against 12.423 pigeons and she bred the winner of 83. Nat. Perpignan 2010. Her father is a grandson of ‘De Witbuik’ and mother comes out ‘Brassie’ (2. Nat. St. Vincent - 20. Nat. Montauban - 82. Nat. Perpignan). 


Two weeks after St. Vincent the ZLU showpiece Bordeaux was on the programme. With the liberation taking place at 6h45 from a distance of 889 km and a northern wind across the entire racing line, Hugo and Anita clocked a sensational series at 21h41, 21h46, 21h52, 22h13, 22h19, 22h32, 22h38, 23h20, 06h01, 06h04, 06h23 etc. From the 63 pigeons, 39 won a prize and the series in North and South Holland (province 5, 6 and 12) was also excellent :


Bordeaux North+South Holland  2.687 pigeons: 5th-9th-13th-21st-30th-39th-41st-42nd-etc. (39/63)

    Nat. Bordeaux ZLU            4.504 pigeons: 28th-38th-53rd-100th-122nd-159th-181st-etc. (39/63) 

First pigeon NL09-1137415 ‘Cora’ developed more and more into an absolute all-rounder. She is a crossing Marcel Sangers x Piet vd Merwe and therefore an outsider in the ‘Witbuik’ dynasty by Batenburg-Van de Merwe … yet she held her own strongly with a great number of top prizes from 95 to 889 km :

    4th Nanteuil          1.181 pigeons 315 km
    5th Bordeaux          2.687 pigeons 889 km  (liberated: 06h45, arrival: 21h41)
    7th Vierzon             439 pigeons 533 km
    9th Strombeek         1.102 pigeons  95 km
    14th Strombeek        1.047 pigeons  95 km
    14th Peronne          1.199 pigeons 230 km
    21st Mantes la Jolie  1.050 pigeons 363 km
    22nd Nijvel             477 pigeons 130 km 

On the 8th of July the classic Barcelona (1163 km) followed, also for Batenburg-Van de Merwe a race to look forward to, despite a strong south westerly wind which was not so favourable for the musclemen. Hugo says ‘a top pigeon in form you can win with 900 mpm and with 1.700 mpm’. And this was proven by the 13-head very routined racing team from the Catalonian capital, by winning 9 prizes … including top prizes! It resulted in :

    Nat. Barcelona ZLU            7.046 pigeons: 9th-96th (9/13)
    Int. Barcelona               26.044 pigeons: 9th (9/13)
    Barcelona North+South Holland  2.042 pigeons: 6th-22nd-60th etc. (subject to change). 

First Batenburg-Van de Merwe pigeon with the incredible arrival time of 5h37, is NL08-1487472 ‘Mister Barcelona’. One of the youngest pigeon basketted from the Boomdijk and originating from the excellent old basis. Father is a son of the famous ‘St. Vincent doffer’ (11th Nat. St. Vincent) x ‘Lady Narbonne’ (1st prov. / 13th Nat. Narbonne … mother comes out an inbred son of the ‘Kerstman’ (1st Nat. St. Vincent) x daughter of ‘Miss Bergerac’ (3rd Nat. Ace bird grand distance 2000 and 9th Nat. Ace bird grand distance 1999). Mother of ‘Mister Barcelona’ is therefore a full sister of ‘Daniek’ (6th Nat. / 9th Int. Perpignan) and half-sister of ‘Jin Pao’ (3rd fastest Bordeaux 41.801 pigeons).  


The NL07-1765748 ‘Bonte Narbonne’ was clocked at 8h06, a classy pigeon which in 2010 won 24th Nat. Narbonne 3.850 pigeons (brother won 21st Nat.) and the 302nd Nat. St. Vincent 5.336 pigeons. Father of ‘Bonte Narbonne’ is inbred ‘Wittenbuik’ and mother an exceptional breeding mother out son of ‘Kleine Didi’ (Devos) x daughter of ‘The Godfather’. 


Not much later at 9h01 ‘Maja’ won another top prize! The feathered miracle had a large share in the West European Super Marathon 2011 by being nominated first from Pau and Marseille. Not surprising, as in 2009 she won 19th Nat. Perpignan against 6.505 pigeons, as well as 45th Int. Perpignan against 18.390 pigeons … a victory which, so as said in 2010, had a fitting sequel with a.o. 5th Nat. Pau hens (also 23rd Nat. Pau against 2.657 pigeons and 51st Int. Pau) and 28th Nat. Marseille hens (153rd Nat. Marseille against 3.248 pigeons). The nest hen stems out ‘As 155’ (inbreed ‘Witbuik’), which was self crowned as 1st Ace bird extreme long distance in district with a.o. 30th Nat Narbonne and 65th Nat. Bordeaux. Mother of ‘Maja’ is ‘Marie’, self winner of 42nd Nat. Carcasonne and 87th Nat. Pau and already a top breeder … her father is ‘Guus’, winner 1. Ruffec with 1,5 hour lead and 4. Nat. Ruffec … he is then again a great grandchild of ‘Witbuik’. 


With the 9th Nat. Bordeaux, ‘Mister Barcelona’ is following in the footsteps of NL04-1993069 ‘Miquel’, brought to a peak in 2007 by Hugo Batenburg from Barcelona with the 6th Nat. against 7.525 pigeons (also 13th Int. 25.820). A top prize also achieved as a three year old … with once again the formidable ‘Witbuik’ basis. Batenburg-VD Merwe at their best then!  




Hallo cracks

Ja , dat heeft zeker alles te maken met de ligging van (St-Ni)Klaaswaal denk ik...het zijn daar allemùaal kampioenen....wie het niet gelooft moet eens kijken "hoe hard de concurrentie" daar in die buurt is...
Volgens mij moeten die mannen daar zo goed geworden zijn door de onderlinge (gezonde) rivaliteit en uiteraard door bijhorende goede duiven en strenge selektie die ze toepassen.....ik kan mis zijn maar.......
Proficiat aan de Batenburgs die met "hun ras" een ganse regio sterk hebben doen spelen.
Hugo en Anita van harte gefeliciteerd en....doe zo verder hé.

Mvg D'Heedene Eddy-Zedelgem.

Dear friends!

Fantastic season so far - super pigeons!
Impressing to see that the results keep coming in generations.

Good luck in the future!

All the best,
M&C Hansen


Congratulations my friend!
and as i know your loft and your pigeons and the way you manage them, i am convinced that the next years will be absolutly fantastic.