The History of the Belgium Racing Pigeon : National races from Rome

17 JULY 1937 National racec from Rome 713 birds. Organized by the "Club de la Porte de Chene," which was then located on Borgvalstraat in Brussels at the place where the "Colombe Joyeuse" was later established, the race was a real success.

17 JULY 1937
National race from Rome
Organized by the "Club de la Porte de Chene," which was then located on Borgvalstraat in Brussels at the place where the "Colombe Joyeuse" was later established, the race was a real success. At 6 a.m. on the 17th of July 713 birds were released and the winner was home July 20th.
Only one bird got back on the 20th. W. Ver linden in Lier was the happy owner. He clocked the winner at 14:36 (2:36 p.m.) The loft distance was 1,191 km or 745 miles. The winner's number :6018860-62.
No specific time for ending the race had been scheduled so it was held open until 19 Aug 1937 by which time 142 birds had been clocked. On the prize list we find the names of famous fanciers who have contributed to the history of Belgian racing pigeons. Such as :
Hector Berlengee, Aspelare,
Camiel Durant, Geraardsbergen,
Michel Fache, Poperinge,
Herman Roegiers, Oosteekio,
The most impressive performance was by W. Van Hoef in Ukkel (a suburb of Brussels) whose three entries all made the prize list.

The official Rome race resulsts
Released Saturday 17 July 1937 at 6:00. It was a clear day with a south wind.

Tuesday 20 July            Time   Loft Distance
1. Verlinden, Lier        14:36   1,191 km/744 miles
Ringnumber 6018860-32
Wednesday 21 July
2. Clovis Cors, Haulchin    15:43    1,144 km/715 miles
3. R. Bodart, Roselier      16:15    1,127 km/704 miles
4. G. Picavez, Wiers        16:54    1,179 km/737 miles
Thursday 22 July
5. Richard Daveloose,Heist   5:08    1,264 km/790 miles
6. H. Van Hoek, Mortsel      8:24    1,199 km/749 miles
7. G. Vivier, Rhines         9:01    1,124 km/702 miles
8. Dekiest, Dendermond       9:03    1,201 km/751 miles
9. C. Declou, Brussels       12:14   1,174 km/734 miles
10. P. Marchandise, Amay     17:51   1,109 km/693 miles
11. J. Lenaerts, Arendonk    18:38   1,190 km/744 miles
12. V. Deceuster, Tamines    20:56   1,127 km/704 miles

Friday 23 July
13. E. Hocquet, Souvret       8:42   1,138 km/711 miles
14. Laval Leroy, Trahegnies   9:19   1,141 km/713 miles
15. J. Delsemme, Retinne     10:24   1,103 km/689 miles
16. M. Dardart, Herstal      12:33   1,108 km/694 miles
17. P. Plouvier, Tournai     15:33   1,194 km/777 miles
18. Jos. Van Mechelen,Tielen 17:57   1,191 km/744 miles
Saturday 24 July
19. Leon Dricot, Durbay       5:12   1,085 km/678 miles
20. Moorgat, Lier             8:56   1,191 km/775 miles
21. G. Pipers, Templeuve     10:36   1,202 km/751 miles
22. Van der Cruys, Ukkel     12:06   1,170 km/731 miles
23. Desidon, Brussels        13:21   1,173 km/733 miles
24. Hector Berlengee Aspelare16:23   1,190 km/743 miles
25. Flam. Moonen, Waterloo   17:19   1,160 km/725 miles
26. L. Bordemps, Vise        17:58   1,111 km/696 miles
27. J. Beuckeleers           18:23   1,199 km/749 miles
A few names easily recognized :
31. Camiel Durant, Geraardsbergen on 25 July
33. Gustaf Lambert, Knokke   25 July   1,262 km/789 miles
35. H. Decoster, Heist a/zee 25 July   1,264 km/781 miles
40. Michel Fache, Poperinge  26 July   1,245 km/778 miles
50. Michel Fache, Poperinge  27 July   1,245 km/778 miles

It is almost 50 years since that race from Rome and another Rome race has yet to be organized.
In 1980 the Brussels Club, La Colombe Joyeuse, wanted to lay on a Rome race but unfortunately the organizers could not get the officials of the Royal Belgian Racing Pigeon Federation (K.B.D.B./F.R.C.B.) to agree.

In 1981 and in 1982 races were organized from Gandia, Spain which is about l ,360 km/850 miles from Brussels. Both of these races were disasters.


Gezien de doorgedreven selectie op de fondvluchten en de betere begeleiding van onze gevleugelde vrienden is een nieuwe editie uit Rome of Allicante mss wel bespreekbaar?