Documentary aims to create awareness of pigeon racing

A new documentary on the wonderful sport of pigeon racing has emerged from the award winning producers Streamline Media. Craig Boord (Director) and Jarrod Boord (Producer/DP) had worldwide success with their short film (18mins) on pigeon racing back in 2009.

After their success with the short, they went on to secure funding to produce a feature length (76min) version of the film. Although not pigeon fanciers themselves, they found the sport to be fascinating and the pigeon fanciers to be an incredibly diverse and passionate community.

Little Ripper - Fast, Feathered & Fearless was never intended to be solely aimed at pigeon fanciers. In fact, Jarrod and Craig deliberately set out to make a documentary on pigeon racing which would appeal to the general public and could help to renew interest in the sport for the youth of today. “There seems to be a generation gap, nearly everyone over the age of 40 knows about pigeon racing, however the majority of people under 30 don’t seem to know that people even race pigeons”, said Jarrod.

Jarrod and Craig filmed in Australia, England, South Africa and of course Belgium. They spoke to various icons of this great sport such as Louis Janssen, the late Carlo Napolitano (Queen Elizabeth II's loft manager) and attended the South African Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race.

After 5 years in the making, the Boord Brothers are looking for an agent and/or a distributor for a television network release. To get an agent on board they need as many followers for their movie as possible on both their Facebook site and YouTube. If you know any film distributors or film agents, please pass this information on to them. “If we can get enough followers and support for the movie, we will be able to find a distributor for TV and then everyone will be able to see it for free and I am hoping the whole world will once again embrace this fantastic sport of pigeon racing and bring it back to life”, says Jarrod.

Little Ripper - Fast Feathered and Fearless is a feature length Australian documentary by the Boord brothers capturing the heart and soul of the dying sport of pigeon racing. Informative, touching and filled with the most engaging characters, Little Ripper pays tribute to a fast disappearing way of life.

You can check out their Facebook website for behind the scenes photos, future updates and release dates for the movie or you can follow them on Twitter.

The documentary is not available yet on DVD. We are searching for a distributor and agent or a network to take on the film. The producers would like to have it broadcast on TV before releasing it on DVD as they would like everyone to see it, not just pigeon fanciers. 

Official trailer

Short teaser clip


It SUPER to see the Late Ken Hine on this short teaser clip. He is going to be missed when it come to the long distance races.


where can i get this documentry.

Mooi gedaan!

Hi Trevor.
The documentary is not available yet. We are searching for a distributor and agent or a network to take on the film. We would like to have it broadcast on TV before releasing it on DVD as we would like everyone to see it, not just pigeon fanciers. Please pass it on to all your friend and like our facebook page, this will help us get distribution for this film.
Thanks for your interest.
Jarrod Boord - Streamline Media

Wonderful, something good for our great sport, and its good to see that the makers want to get it aired on TV before making money. Well done !

This is awesome!!!!
Im looking fwd to purchasing this video; "i will have to learn how to throw my dropper like jos thone he looks like a pro!"

Looking forward to this documentary!


Why dont you get in contact with major media broadcasters such as animal planet , history etc im sure they would love to someway show this broadcast

Good Luck Great Intro!!