Pigeon & Loft - Medication

Palomas y Palomares

(21/11/2012) What a pharmacist told us

There used to be a pharmacist in Germany who was known for having pigeons that won one top prize after another. One of our colleagues interviewed him a while back and now I would like to discuss some of the most interesting topics.

Palomas y Palomares

(25/06/2012) About liars and ... overdosing!

It is sometimes amazing what a fancier tries to make us believe when we are visiting his lofts to make a report or when we make a casual visit. How many times have we heard fanciers claim that their pigeons live on a diet of water and seeds?

Palomas y Palomares

(20/02/2010) Resistance to medication, a growing problem

A while ago, a pigeon fancier paid me a visit for a routine check-up. The pigeons had received a cure of 8 days with ronidazole 10% (high doses). Upon examination, it appeared that the pigeons were truly full of trichomoniase!