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Palomas y Palomares

(10/03/2012) Ask The Vet: theme questions (vaccination against paramyxo & other diseases)

Every four weeks on a Saturday, we will select some very interesting questions and answers concerning a certain topic (disease, medicin, etc.) and publish them on our homepage. Today's topic is the annual vaccination for paramyxovirus and other diseases.

Palomas y Palomares

(28/10/2010) Streptococcosis: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

The sickness streptococcosis is a frequent disorder by pigeons. It is caused by a bacteria Streptococcus gallolyticus and in addition to paratyfus and chlamydiosis it is one of the most common bacterial pigeon diseases.

Palomas y Palomares

(18/02/2010) Circovirus and the influence on vaccinations

Vaccinate your youngsters in time!!! For a few years circovirosis has been a new threat to our young pigeon population. Young pigeons, younger than 1 year are very vulnerable for infection, especially up to 4 months old.