Sky Chen buys Davy Tournelle's crown jewel Mila

The 2015 Belgian national race Châteauroux III was a disaster. Because of the drizzle at the liberation site, the race had a very rough start, as a result of which only twenty per cent of over 27,000 birds returned home the same day. The old bird race was eventually won by Davy Tournelle's Mila, just bought by Chinese fancier Sky Chen.

Mila's national victory was far from a lucky shot. Before winning the race from Châteauroux, she already achieved numerous other eye-catching results. The national victory was the icing on the cake.

Chinese fancier Sky Chen was immediately interested in Mila after this tremendous performance. He and PIPA visited Davy and both parties were deeply impressed about Mila's appearance. She is a high-class hen with a well-balanced body, strong and quite long bones, soft muscles and feathers as soft as silk. It goes without saying that Mila is the apple of Davy's eye. Given these characteristics, Sky Chen made an offer to buy Mila but Davy declined.

Sky and Davy kept in close touch with one another after the visit and Sky tried to persuade Davy to sell his national winner. After marathon talks, the deal was finally done. Sky won Davy over by agreeing to keep Mila in Davy's loft so she could continue to breed with Davy's best racing and breeding cock Torres. Sky will then cross Mila's offspring with his own strain to reinforce his family of birds.

Davy, Mila, Skychen and Davy's father


Allemaal lachende gezichten ... Smile

Hoe zou jezelf zijn ?????????????????

congratulation sky and DAVY best of luck

Succes Davy & Patrick met de nieuwe garde van Rummen in 2016. Dat Tiësto zijn bloedlijnen weer hoogtij mogen vieren.