Gaston Surkijn (Lummen, BE) wins 1st and 3rd Nat. Argenton old birds

What a revenge!! Two weeks ago Gaston Surkijn could have kicked himself when his BE09-5011840 was removed of the semi-National victory from Jarnac because he forgot to register it in his name … now he has won 1st and 3rd National Argenton o.b. from 3.518 pigeons, with just 4 pigeons entered.

A loft on a roll –is how we can describe the colony of Gaston Surkijn, with a semi-National and National victory within two weeks. Because he considers himself the moral winner of semi National Jarnac against 3.187 pigeons. “When the Chairman announced my derating, I said the KBDB was worse than the KBVB … ‘by football you at least get a yellow card the first time; I was directly given red’ I said. But honesty makes me say that the rules have to be kept to by everybody. Also by me. I was the one who forgot.” 


With this, Gaston was a great ‘loser’, until his luck turned round and changed his role of ‘ass’ into ‘super hero’ in one fowl swoop on the 13th of August … or actually two swoops, because clocking at 13.43.45 and 13.45.17 from a distance of 557 km to Argenton, Gaston took 1st and 3rd podium position National. After the 1st Nat. Zone from Argenton in 2009 more proof of what his pigeons are capable of. A group of just fourteen old birds (cocks and hens) defended the Lummenees honour. Raced up to 400 km and then purely entered for the tough middle distance up to 700 km. “My favourite discipline,” says Gaston, “just a bit more relaxed than that faster work. And in which the pigeon is the determining factor, because whoever thinks that the vet or his medication will make the difference, will be proven wrong. Class, that’s what counts.” 


And Gaston Surkijn definitely has class in his lofts. With a strong basis from ‘men out the area’ in which the Verboven-line is explicitly represented. Two hens from Molenberghs out the line of his 1st Nat. Ace bird light middle distance gave the extra finesse according to Gaston: “since I’ve had these in my breeding loft, I have begun to win 1st prizes.” Claims which explicitly come to the front in the pedigrees of the Argenton pigeons. 4 entered and 3 prizes wherefrom the first (1st National) and third pigeon (prize per ten) BE09-5015341 and BE09-5015342 are nest brothers and the second pigeon (3rd National) BE09-5015333 a cousin. “This ’33’ comes out ‘995/06’ with a Rondags-hen from good friend and fellow townsman Louis Beutels . The ‘341/09’ and ‘342/09’ (absolute favourite of Gaston with numerous top prizes in 1.200 mpm races, including 1st Moulins) both come out a daughter of the ‘995/06’, coupled with the 1st Ace bird 2007 from Louis. Indeed, we joint breed a lot. The best of two lofts comes together. In 2010 I obtained pigeons from Verreckt-Ariën for reinforcement – that line has to ensure the future here!” 


The winning ‘341/09’ has already won 9 prizes this year in the races above 400 km and from Bourges he showed his worth with 1st prize in the alliance and 40th National against 24.835 pigeons. He had already been given the nickname ‘De Slimmen’( Clever one). “Because by each training he landed at the trap three or four times – he knew that the monkey nuts were there which they are always given after training. That’s clever isn’t it!” Where Gaston prefers the races between 500 and 700 km (‘by light races sometimes without a week’s rest’), the yearlings are only trained up to 500 km. “As I always breed quite late and as a result my youngsters are not given any Nationals. As yearlings they are trained well and I only expect something from them as old birds”  A successful strategy for Gaston, who, since his retirement 9 years ago ‘has seriously sacrificed himself for the pigeons’. To see if he could be successful. With dozens of 1st prizes in the alliance and the national successes over the last few years, his mission has been successful. “But the hunger has not been quenched, I can go on for years with this basis” he says to close. An understatement – that much is clear with the triumphal march of his capital breeding and racing team over the last few years.   


Congrats on the victory, your pigeons are in great form Wink


Nonkel Gaston,proficiat met deze overwinning.
Dit heb ik van onze bomma en bompa vernomen.

Verder nog groetjes aan de familie.
Maak het goed,

Benny,Sinta en kinderen.

congratulations on a great win with only a small team, wich proves its quallity not quanttity that counts.