Chris and Jaap Van Der Velden Primus Inter Pares International 2004-2008 and Primus Inter Pares International 2005-2009

The father and son combination Chris and Joop Van Der Velden from South Beijerland (NL) are the proud owners of the best Barcelona racer over the last 6 years. Their cock 1871563/2001 was crowned with the title of International Primus Inter Pares in this Catalan classic.



Over the last 6 years this pigeon has achieved a phenomenal coefficient of 19,4. It’s not surprising that this pigeon is allowed to answer to the name of Primus Inter Pares.
As a two year old cock he soon proved what he was worth with a 155° nat Bergerac.
By Chris and Jaap about a third of the pigeons basketted for Barcelona were nest pigeons, the rest raced in classic widowhood. The nest pigeons left for Barcelona with a youngsters of 6 to 7 days old.
The Primus Inter Pares belonged to the team of pigeons that were raced with a nest.
The nest pigeons are only given another race after Barcelona in exceptional circumstances, this because they have hardly ever managed to get the pigeons back into an ideal position (small youngster) for Perpignan.
In 2004 they did manage it and this clapper raced the 90° nat from Perpignan.

Barcelona Int 2004    24913    768
Barcelona Int 2005    25815    1040
Barcelona Int 2006    22887    419
Barcelona Int 2007    25716    765
Barcelona Int 2008    23708    1172
Barcelona Int 2009    27669    709

Last year Chris and Jaap Van Der Velden managed to get their name mentioned three times in the Primus Inter Pares classifications. After the end of last year a cock from 1999 was allowed to concentrate fully of creating his offspring.
The third pigeon is also a pigeon that can produce a magnificent honours list (ao 12th primus inter pares 2005 – 2009).
This is a hen with ring number 1871558/01 who also races with a nest and has been coupled with the Primus Inter Pares for the last two years.

Her prizes over the last 6 years are as follows:
Barcelona Int 2004    24913    1991
Barcelona Int 2005    25815    541
Barcelona Int 2006    22887    2282
Barcelona Int 2007    25716    470
Barcelona Int 2008    23708    4170
Barcelona Int 2009    27669    2754

De Primus Inter Pares has now proved himself enough and as an eight year old has been given a place in the breeding loft.
Judging from the recent performances of the Van Der Velden family, we will see their name repeatedly at the top of the results and rankings over the next few years.




Very nice results Wink Congratulations Cool

Very-very good results.Congratulations. Mr Cris , I want to ask you how much cost a young pigeon from Nl 01-1871563 (Primus Inter-Pares) ?

Hallo Kris en Jaap, mag ik jullie van Harte Feliciteren met zo'n supercrack op jullie hok. Dit is de droom van bijna iedere liefhebber. But....there only can be one !!!!!
Veel succes voor de toekomst.
Groetjes, Anita en Frans

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