After Fugare 2019 edition

The start of the new year means that the serious things are coming for us and our pigeons. Next month, the annual pigeon exhibition of Fugare will be held and also the unfamous event organized on saturday evening.

This year, the After Fugare will be heald on the saturday evening 16th of february 2019 around 19h in the room 'OC NIEUWENHOEVE' from Waregem.

The organisators of After Fugare did their best to make of this evening another fantastic moment.
During the start and until the early evening, the 'Belgian Dixie Kings' will do their best to create a super atmosphere. Then, they will be followed by the band 'Zenith' who will take care of ending the night in style. Sebastien Casaert and his team would also like to thank their sponsors.

If you want to subscribe for this exceptionnal evening, you can do it by sending a mail to Sébastien Casaert : tntscbe..siabntseyea e@aersk

See you the saturday 16th of february 2019 at 19h in the 'OC NIEUWENHOEVE' localized at the Kerkhoefstraat in Waregem.