Informacion sobre el colombofilo Wittouck Sylvain


(16/12/2012) Medical guidance one century ago; did it exist?

It sure did! Several companies, many of which do not exist now, had their own range of products on the market similar to those of today’s specialised firms. We have no idea of the quality but we assume that today’s products are a whole lot better.


(07/12/2009) The history of the Belgian Pigeon sport, 1838 - 1924 Sylvain Wittouck - Hulste (BE)

Many people who read the following contribution will definitely have read the books from S. Wittouck. Books that were as it were a real source of inspiration for the development of the pigeon sport (both in the sport as the medical field. He passed away on the 20th of January 1924 at the blessed age of 86 years.