Informacion sobre el colombofilo Verreckt-Ariën

Race Report

(24/05/2012) Top performances Belgium 17/05/2012 - 22/05/2012

The past weekend brought us long awaited beautiful pigeon weather, ideally suited for the first interprovincial races of this season. Last weekend there were a lot of top performances.


(20/12/2011) Verreckt-Ariën auction ends with 971,800 EUR! The second most successful internet auction!

Today was the grand finale of the Verreckt-Ariën auction, which proved to be the internet auction with the second highest proceedings ever. The auction which brought in most was that of H.P. & P. Brockamp, passing the 1 million barrier.


(08/12/2011) Video: Verreckt-Ariën (Tessenderlo, BE)

Now that the total auction of Verreckt-Ariën is online, we would like to present to you a short fragment of an interview in English with one of the best Belgian racing lofts of the past decade. The interview was conducted by the British fancier Tony Cowan in cooperation with ECL Productions.


(25/11/2011) Verreckt-Arien (Tessenderlo, BE): Catalogue with top pigeons online

Next week, the total auction (minus a few young birds) of one of the best Belgian racing lofts in the past decade: Verreckt-Arien.


(12/11/2011) Announcement Viewing day Verreckt-Ariën (Tessenderlo, BE)

Questions come into our PIPA-offices almost daily regarding the imminent auction from the Belgian success formation Verreckt-Ariën which will start on the 28th of November! The interest in this internet auction is already enormous, and grows day by day.


(30/08/2011) Verreckt-Ariën (Tessenderlo, BE) win 1st Nat. La Souterraine 16.576 youngsters with a direct Jupid-pigeon!

The duo Verreckt-Ariën has shot towards ‘national top’ like a comet over the last few seasons! In addition to the title of 1° Nat Champion ‘Grand middle distance’ KBDB 2010, they also achieved their 3° national victory this weekend from the period 2008-2011! Something like this is only reserved for real ‘toppers’!


(26/06/2011) Verreckt-Ariën (Tessenderloo – B) wins 1st and 2nd s-Nat. Montluçon 6.141 pigeons

This weekend the widely discussed tandem Verreckt-Ariën added another candle to the richly filled cake … with their wonder hen ‘Norma’ at the front, the sympathetic duo laid claim to1st and 2nd 2e semi-National Montluçon against 6.141 pigeons … and were also the two fastest against 13.745 pigeons.


(11/06/2011) Verreckt-Ariën, Tessenderlo sees marvellous start to the season crowned with provincial victory from Limoges

The ‘National champion’ KBDB 2010 in the ‘grand middle distance’, the tandem Verreckt-Ariën…appeared at the beginning of this season to continue their momentum in the grand middle distance and short long distance.


(27/10/2010) Double interview Vandenheede - Verreckt-Ariën

On a summery tinted Monday evening in October there was a rendezvous planned on our calendar with 2 leading figures from our country in the ‘extreme middle distance’ and ‘light long distance’, the ‘taste makers’ of the 2010 sport season…


(31/07/2010) Verreckt-Arien - Tessenderlo (BE) national winners Tulle old birds 2010 and fastest against +15.000!

The super season of Verreckt-Arien has been crowned now with the National victory on Tulle old birds and at the same time fastest birds against more than 15.000 old birds and yearlings together. This national victory is the 11th (!!) Provincial victory of the season 2010! Last year Pascal Arien & Agy Verreckt succeeded in winning no less than 9 provincial victories, back then it was said that ...


(09/06/2009) Verreckt-Ariën and Guido Loockx, Tessenderlo Surprise Chateauroux in Limburg from the 7th of June!

During the weekend of 6-7 June the Semi-National Chateauroux was on the calendar, a classic in the eastern half of our country. The weather gods put a ‘spoke’ in the wheels, because the rainclouds form Paris to the south of France, prevented the attendants from liberating the pigeons!