Informacion sobre el colombofilo Vandepoel Yves


(19/09/2017) Yves Van De Poel (Geetbets, BE) wins 1st Nat. Chateauroux IV olds

His winning pigeon was also the fastest overall of 13,876 pigeons that were basketed for the closing race from Chateauroux IV. This is already the 3rd national victory for Yves in just four years' time. This is quite a feat!


(07/08/2016) Yves Vandepoel (Geetbets, BE) wins 1st National Perpignan

Miss Perpignan achieved a lifelong dream of Yves Vandepoel: to win an international extreme long distance classic. It was a well deserved win after a long and successful career in the extreme long distance.

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(29/07/2016) Perpignan (int.) 2016 | National winner Belgium old birds: Vandepoel Yves (Geetbets)

The National winner Belgium from Perpignan in the category "old birds" is Vandepoel Yves (Geetbets). The pigeon was clocked on Friday at 20:00:20 CEST after a race of 935.038 km, achieving an average velocity of 1221.74 m/min.


(21/09/2014) Yves Vandepoel (Geetbets, BE) takes victory from Chateauroux II old birds

It took a while before we published this report but Yves Vandepoel's victory could not be overlooked. It appears that the town of Geetbets was the place to be for fanciers looking to win a national old birds' race. One week after Andrea Morren took the old birds' win from Bourges, Lady Bolt (BE11-2007582) of Yves Vandepoel claimed a first prize against 4316 pigeons.

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(09/08/2014) Châteauroux II 2014 | National winner Belgium Old birds: Vandepoel Yves (Geetbets)

The national winner Belgium from Châteauroux II in the category "old birds" is Vandepoel Yves (Geetbets).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 13:02:30 CEST after a race of 517.216 km, achieving an average velocity of 1603.77 m/min.