Informacion sobre el colombofilo Scheele Gebrs.


(30/05/2019) Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) have already won three victories in the Entente in 2019, including Roye, where they claim a provincial win as well

The 2019 racing season, which is just five races old, sees the Scheele Brothers claim as many as three victories in Entente Midden. And to add to that, they also take a provincial first prize in Roye.


(18/02/2019) Auction weekend with total revenue of 320,000 euro! Thibaut-Boons 20,500 euro – 19,000 euro

The following auctions ended Sunday 17th OF February: Kubacek Lubomir (CZ), Jeroen & Stijn Rans (BE), Thibaut-Boons (BE), Stef Bals (NL), Co & Piet Verbree (NL), Scheele Brothers (NL), John Crehan (UK) and Karlo van Rompaey (BE).


(11/01/2019) Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) had some great results with the yearlings in 2018

The Scheele Brothers had a marvellous generation of young birds in 2017, and these continued to deliver as one year olds in the 2018 season. The pigeons from this renowned breed did not disappoint, they performed really well this year.


(08/06/2018) Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) have a great 2018 season so far, with 6 victories in 8 races

The Scheele Brothers already have six first prizes to their name this season. Their top results can be mainly attributed to an invaluable breeding team. And Adriaan and Jaap can rest assured that their super class pairs Bonny x Cher and Jeroen Jr. x Hanny will continue to breed successful descendants in the coming years.


(23/11/2017) Gebr. Scheele (Terneuzen, NL) have an exceptional season

The Scheele Brothers had quite a magnificent racing season in 2017, winning most notably 2 first prizes NPO in two weeks’ time. They had only just claimed victory in the NPO from La Souterraine with racing bird Lars as Herman won a first prize NPO in Limoges. This is a great result for a fancier that has been one of the top players in The Netherlands for many years now. Many of his best ...


(17/07/2017) Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) take 1st NPO limoges, their second consecutive NPO victory

Two weeks after their marvellous NPO win from La Souterraine the Scheele Brothers claim another first prize: their racing bird Herman came out first in Province 1 Zeeland in the NPO race from Limoges.


(30/06/2017) A spectacular result from La Souterraine for the Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL)

The racing team of the renowned Scheele Brothers combination from Terneuzen had a blast in the one day long distance race from La Souterraine last weekend. A group of 2,711 pigeons had been basketed for this race in Province 1 Zeeland, and the Scheele Brothers have managed to win no less than three top 10 placings: 1st, 3rd and 10th.


(05/12/2016) Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) were outstanding in 2016 with their descendants of Superboy

The Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) have been one of the leading names in pigeon racing in The Netherlands for years, and they owe a lot to Superboy. This exceptional breeding bird showed his value once again in 2016.


(01/02/2016) The Scheele brothers (Terneuzen, NL) had a splendid 2015 season with many highlights

Jaap and Adriaan Scheele were successful in almost every race of up to 700km this season, as you can tell from the numerous teletext prizes and their title in the one day long distance championship in Province Zeeland ’96.


(04/06/2015) Scheele brothers (Terneuzen, NL) take all three podium places in 1st NPO race from Bourges in Province 1 Zeeland

Adriaan and Jaap Scheele have won all top three prizes in the first NPO race from Bourges in Provinde 1 Zeeland, finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd against 4,278 pigeons.


(27/01/2015) Scheele brothers (Terneuzen, NL) have been at the top for years thanks to their Superboy breed

The pigeon loft of the Scheele brothers is the home of Superboy, an outstanding breeding pigeon that has allowed them to win many, if not all of their major victories.


(26/06/2013) Scheele brothers (Terneuzen, NL) satisfied with eleven teletext notations in 2013

Terneuzen was the home of the legendary ghost ship The Flying Dutchman; today it is the home of Adriaan and Jaap Scheele, two fanciers with an international reputation. They managed to win no less than eleven top 10 prizes in Zeeland this season, in challenging weather conditions.