Informacion sobre el colombofilo Racing Team ADK


(16/06/2018) Racing Team ADK (Tielt-Winge, BE) is outstanding in the national race from Chateauroux as well

Racing Team ADK was the only team in Belgium with no less than 5 yearlings in the top 100 of the national results in Chateauroux. This is another great result, with their outstanding performance from Vierzon still fresh in our memories.


(24/05/2018) Racing Team ADK (Tielt-Winge, BE) excel and dominate the interprovincial race from Vierzon, thanks to super stock pair!

The team of yearlings claimed a double victory, winning a 1-2-4-5-6 Interprovincial of 5,830 YLs, and the old bids win a 2-5-9-etc. of 9,892 old birds. The team claims a 2nd-3rd-4th-8th-9th-10th-14th-15th fastest overall of 15,722 pigeons. This is an exceptional performance!