Informacion sobre el colombofilo Moonens André


(20/01/2014) André Moonens (Strombeek-Bever, BE) continues to impress at the middle distance

André confirms his status in 2013 with the titles of First Provincial Champion Middle Distance Yearlings 1 + 2 in Flemish Brabant and a 9th National Champion KBDB in the same category. These are well deserved titles, given his impressive achievements in recent seasons.


(15/10/2012) An ambitious Andre Moonens (Strombeek-Bever, BE) on his way to the top

The pigeons from Strombeek-Bever were in top form and were outstanding in anything from sprint races to grand middle distance races. This loft plays at a high level and has won several top prizes. The owner of the loft is Andre Moonens.


(22/01/2011) Andre Moonens - Strombeek-Bever (BE)…showed us the way by winning the 1° Prov Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2009 and 1° Nat Bourges Youngsters 2010

Since the sport season 2009 when sport friend Andre Moonens started racing on his own again … he directly managed to nestle himself amongst the ‘great champions..

Race Report

(05/08/2010) André Moonens - Strombeek-Bever (BE) succeeds National Bourges-victory with a destructive chain result!

Barely recovered from his undeniable highlight in a rich pigeon race, André Moonens attacks once again a week later with his fabulous team … ‘The street boy’ follows up his National Bourges victory with the nine first positions in the competition from Dourdan …


(25/07/2010) Video: interview with André Moonens, winner Bourges II 2010 Youngsters

Andre Moonens winning 1st national Bourges & fastest against over 55.000 pigeons


(25/07/2010) Andre Moonens, Strombeek-Bever - glorious winner 1° National Bourges 30.759 Youngsters - Fastest pigeon of the 55.781 participating pigeons!

The ‘Bourges II’ at the end of July is for the fanciers of the ‘grand middle distance’… what ‘Barcelona’ is for the ‘grand distance fanciers’… the ‘top classic’ of the season! It is also the first national race of the season for youngsters!


(11/11/2009) André Moonens - Strombeek-Bever (BE)

André conjures many nice results together with his young team. His favourite places of liberation are Noyon and Dourdan. A large percent of prizes and many classifications per 10, that is his aim.