Informacion sobre el colombofilo Joosen Jos


(13/09/2016) PIPA Ranking: Best European hen over all international races - 2 prizes

These are the final results of the PIPA ranking for best European hen in all international races with 2 prizes. This ranking includes the races from Pau, Agen, Barcelona, St.Vincent, Marseille, Narbonne and Perpignan, taking into account the international results available.


(13/06/2012) Jos Joosen (Brecht, BE) glorious winner of 1st National Montélimar against 6,713 pigeons

Jos Joosen, a big name in international pigeon racing, is the winner of the first classic from the Rhône valley in 2012: the national from Montélimar. Walloon fanciers often describe this race as 'the little Barcelona’, referring to the demanding circumstances during the race.

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(09/06/2012) Montélimar 2012 | National winner Belgium Old birds: Joosen Jos (Brecht)

Jos Joosen from Brecht wins the national race from Montélimar in 2012. In the past, he already won Marseille International (2010) and Perpignan International (2006). He clocked his pigeon at 17:04 after it flew 757 kms. The average speed of the quickest pigeon was 1252.81 m/min.

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(31/01/2011) European Cup 2010 - Celebrating the Champions on the 29th of Jan 2011 in Brecht. Place of honour Herman Van Rompuy

The celebrations took place in the E 10 Hoeve in Brecht on 29-01-2011. Big winner was Jos Joosen from Brecht


(19/07/2010) Joosen Jos - Brecht (BE) 1st International Marseille 2010!

In contrast to what was confirmed to us late last night at 23h15, it is not Adam from Sprimont but Jooosen Jos from Brecht who has won 1st national Belgium. Normally the clubs have to pass on the first reports to the organisation, but at 23h15 the club concerned hadn’t done this (more than 1 hour after the arrival of the pigeon!). NO blame can be laid by Jos Joosen who reported the pigeon ...