Informacion sobre el colombofilo Goessen Jos


(12/03/2019) Auction weekend raises almost 300,000 euro – Sagan sold for 44,000 euro – Loft Liliane Demely 5,600 euro/bird

Several auctions closed on Sunday 10th of March, raising 295,300 euro in total for 144 pigeons, or more than 2,000 euro on average per bird.


(28/02/2019) Jos Goessen (Gronsveld, NL) has been a leading fancier for 30 years

Jos Goessen has been winning national top prizes for more than 30 years now. He has been particularly successful in the NPO one day long distance, racing with descendants of his renowned Argenton and his collection of Gaby Vandenabeele birds.


(26/12/2018) Exceptional averages! Jelle Roziers 6,850 euro – Simeon Monev 4,725 euro – Daughter Antionio De Saer 19,000 euro - Auction weekend over 410,000 euro

10 auctions ended on Sunday 23rd of December, with 149 pigeons sold for 411,125 euro, or 2,759 euro per bird. We talk you through each auction below.


(18/12/2018) Jos Goessen (Gronsveld, NL) stands out again in 2018 with descendants of den Argenton and his Vandenabeele birds

Jos Goessen has always had great confidence in his Argenton and in the pigeons of grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele, and his confidence paid off again in 2018, in which he claimed two second places in the demanding races from Montluçon and La Souterraine NPO. In other words, Jos can look back on another successful season of racing.


(30/01/2018) Judging from his impressive list of references, Jos Goessen (Gronsveld, NL) appears to have a solid foundation

Top class pigeons, that is what it's all about for Jos Goessen. He has nothing but pigeons from the very best Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines in his loft in Gronsveld. They appear to combine really well with the other top birds in Jos's collection. And his pigeons have been doing great in other lofts as well, as you can tell from his extensive list of references.


(29/11/2016) Jos Goessen (Gronsveld, NL) shows his excellent form again in 2016 with three victories in his Entente

Jos Goessen had a very successful 2015 season winning two first prizes NPO in just two weeks' time. In 2016 he managed to add three first prizes in the Maasvallei Entente to his palmares. And his racing birds appear to be quite successful in other lofts as well.


(04/03/2016) Jos Goessen (Gronsveld, NL) looks back on an outstanding season with great references

Jos Goessen had another great season in 2015. The kind fancier from Limburg added two NPO victories to his palmares in just 14 days' time. This is quite a feat, which not many fanciers have been able to achieve.


(02/09/2010) Sabbatical period in racing career for one of Hollands best performing lofts of last decade Jos Goessen - Gronsveld (NL); superstar with small colony

He won almost everything there was to win … Jos Goessen from Gronsveld. From National NPO victories up to provincial sieges … in the last 20 years Jos saw it all.

Race Report

(29/05/2008) Goessen Jos Gronsveld NL

Afdeling 4 Nederland Limburg de NPO vlucht van Bourges afstand 480 km. District Maasvallei 907 duiven 12 duiven mee. (eerste 2 duiven duivinnen van Gaby Vandenabeele).