Informacion sobre el colombofilo Delrue-Vanbruaene


(08/05/2017) Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene (Lauwe, BE) continues to deliver excellent results with his old Vanbruane breed

He lived up to his status again in 2016, winning two provincial first prizes from Agen old birds and Narbonne YLs.


(18/12/2015) Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene (Lauwe, BE): his grandfather Andre can be proud

Patrick Delrue-Vanbruane shows season after season that he knows how to keep pigeons, and 2015 was no different. We had many tough races this season but Patrick managed to win a top result in each of them. He is holding a 4th, 5th and 16th place in the PIPA ranking with three international races. No one did it better than him!


(20/01/2011) Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene - Lauwe (BE) … allowed the Vanbruaene-star shine again in the jubilee year ‘100 year Andre Vanbruaene’!

We are writing about ‘April 1910’, the birth month of the late pigeon celebrity Andre Vanbruaene from Lauwe! Today we are 100 years… a ‘century’ later… the ‘Vanbruaene star’ is still shining just as brightly in the pigeon sky.


(26/09/2010) Delrue-Vanbruaene - Lauwe (BE) back to the source.

Driving to Lauwe takes you back in time. Thumbing through your thoughts and thinking of the place that every pigeon fancier has etched in his memory.


(29/08/2010) Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene, Lauwe ensured as ‘Gouden Vleugel winner’ for a ‘revival’ of the very strong Vanbruaene pigeon! - UPDATE

The Belgian border municipality ‘Lauwe’… situated in the south of the province West-Flanders on the Belgian-French border… was put on the pigeon map by 2 celebrities in our national pigeon sport history who only lived a few hundred metres from each other…


(09/07/2010) Video-interview with Gouden Vleugel-winner Delrue-Vanbruaene

PiPa went on a visit to the winner of the "Gouden Vleugel" (Golden Wing) Delrue-Vanbruane from Lauwe (BE). We had an interview with the proud winner, inspected the pigeon and we saw that is was good!