Informacion sobre el colombofilo Debusschere Roger


(11/11/2019) Auction weekend hits 338,500 euro – Son New Laureaat 16,800 euro – Golden Algarve winner 17,600 euro – Krzysztof Szkolny 3,779 euro/bird

Five auctions came to a close last Sunday, in which 185 pigeons were sold for a total of 338,500 euro, with an average of 1,830 euro/bird. We briefly discuss each individual auction below.


(29/10/2019) New auction: Roger Debusschere

Tuesday the 29th of October this new auction starts: Roger Debusschere (BE).


(12/03/2019) Auction weekend raises almost 300,000 euro – Sagan sold for 44,000 euro – Loft Liliane Demely 5,600 euro/bird

Several auctions closed on Sunday 10th of March, raising 295,300 euro in total for 144 pigeons, or more than 2,000 euro on average per bird.


(26/10/2017) Roger Debusschere (Lokeren, BE) is breeder and supplier of super class pigeons

Different fanciers managed to win no less than 6 provincial or semi-national victories in 2017 with pigeons that come from Roger Debusschere. The 1st Interprov. Chateauroux of 2,061 p. and the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs in their own loft further highlights the level of quality of the Debusschere racing bird.


(28/06/2017) Thierry and Thomas Sibille (Courcelles, BE) win 1st Seminat. Nevers with a direct Roger Debusschere bird

This racing hen claimed the win in the seminational Nevers of 17 June against 6,077 yearlings, and she was also the fastest overall of a total of 10,702 pigeons.


(20/10/2016) Roger Debusschere (Lokeren, BE), supplier of prize winners!

Roger Debusschere has won quite a number of first prizes and ace pigeon titles at provincial, zonal and national level but he also supplies prize winners to many of his colleagues. This shows that there are plenty of top quality pigeons in his Royal Collection.


(10/02/2016) Roger Debusschere (Lokeren, BE) shows that investing in top quality breeds pays off

A national win from Tulle in 2014, the title of 1st Provincial Champion longer middle distance KBDB 2015, a 2nd, 3rd and 4th Prov. Ace Pigeon 2015, and Ace Pigeon long distance. These are the impressive references of Roger Debusschere, who shows that it is always worth investing in top quality breeds.


(27/09/2014) Auctions ending: Serge D'hondt (BE): Best racers & breeders & Roger Debusschere (BE): Gaby Vandenabeele collection

On Sunday 28 September the auctions of Serge D'hondt and Roger Debusschere will end.


(17/10/2009) Auction Roger Debusschere, The ‘Royal Collection’ from Lokeren, Champion-maker up to national level.

Whoever follows the pigeon sport closely knows that the ‘stuntman’ from Lokeren… so as Roger Debusschere is ubiquitously called… is still searching for the very best out the international pigeon sport to populate his colony… his ‘Royal Collection’.


(16/03/2009) Debusschere Roger - Lokeren

All the arrows will now be directed towards 'Spain' and Barcelona…
Roger DEBUSSCHERE, Lokeren
The 1° + 2° Golden Barcelona pigeon of the Netherlands '05-'06-'07
Being the 'Etterbak' and the 'Triple Silver Barcelona'
Will in that perspective reinforce the 'Royal Collection'!

Race Report

(29/07/2008) Debusschere Roger Lokeren

De 'Stuntman' uit Lokeren Roger DEBUSSCHERE Roert zich opnieuw uit St.Vincent en Barcelona