Informacion sobre el colombofilo De Heijde Cor


(17/12/2018) Fantastic auction weekend: + 416,000 euro. G & S Verkerk 5,000 euro/bird, Cor de Heijde 3,500 euro/bird, Theo Yskout 3,350 euro/bird, Pigeons for Life 3,200 euro

It has been a fantastic auction weekend. The 138 birds that were put up for auction were sold for more than 3,300 euro/bird on average!


(04/12/2018) Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) displays his class in the classic from Barcelona with a 4th and 12th National of 3,912 pigeons

Cor de Heijde can look back on another exquisite 2018 season, winning for instance a 1st National Agen (6,379 p.), as well as a 4th and 12th National Barcelona (3,912 p.), the race in which he also had the best overall result at national and international level. The descendants of Klamper have once again demonstrated their potential in the marathon competition.


(24/07/2018) Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) takes the win in Agen (Sector 1) of 6,379 pigeons with a descendant of the legendary Klamper

Grandmaster Cor de Heijde had already won a 1st National from perpignan back in 1997, and he now shows his class a second time with a 1st prize from Agen (Sector 2) of 6,379 pigeons.


(24/01/2017) Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) has been a national top level player for over 20 years thanks to Klamper's descendants

The team of Cor de Heijde can be referred to as the Klamper dynasty. He won a 1st National Perpignan with a youngster of stock breeder Klamper already in 1997. We are now 20 years later and the descendants of this exceptional breeder continue to win national first prizes, in Cor's own loft and in the lofts of fanciers from Belgium and abroad.


(25/01/2016) Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) excels in 2015 with three national top three prizes

Cor de Heijde won a 1st National St. Vincent in 2015, as well as a 2nd National Barcelona and a 2nd National Bergerac.


(07/07/2012) Cor de Heijde (Made, P-B) remporte le national de Bordeaux vieux aux Pays-Bas

On a déjà écrit beaucoup de chose au sujet de Cor de Heijde. En colombophilie, il a déjà gagné tout ce qu'il y avait à gagner mais il a aussi connu des moments beaucoup plus difficiles. Ce fin connaisseur a en effet été victime de deux vols, la victoire nationale de Bordeaux lui remet donc un peu de baume au coeur

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(01/07/2012) Bordeaux (Agen) (int.) 2012 | National winner The Netherlands Old birds: De Heijde Cor (Made)

Cor De Heijde (NL) from Made has won the national race from Bordeaux (Agen) in the category of old birds with an average velocity of 1293,70 meters/minute.


(28/03/2008) De Heijde Cor, Made (NL)

Achievements Cor de HEIJDE in 2007:


(28/03/2008) De Heijde Cor, "Klamper-Dynasty: Inimitable Hereditary Qualities"

A bandnumber that is etched on the memories of many fanciers the world over is NL84-1870149, n