Informacion sobre el colombofilo Bourlard René & Etienne


(29/02/2016) René & Etienne Bourlard (Harveng, BE) reached their ambitions in 2015!

With their four national victories won since 2005, this is probably one of the most successful long distance lofts in Belgium. Ten years later, this father and son partnership is still racing at a top level and their season in 2015 brought once again loads of satisfaction.


(14/11/2014) René & Etienne Bourlard (Harveng, BE) won the 2nd national Montélimar against 3.868 pigeons

One of the best long distance lofts in the south of Belgium has had another great season in 2014. During the month of July, they were really close to win their fifth national long distance victory. They finally ended in second place.

Race Report

(11/10/2013) Bourlard Père et Fils (Harveng, BE) sont les champions généraux du Club de Fond Wallonie 2013

Les champions généraux du Club de Fond Wallonie sur les concours Noyau 1000 sont Bourlard père & fils de Harveng. Ils ont battu Masson Bonmariage (Ouffet) et Nicolas Bascourt (Braine-le-Comte), qui finissaient respectivement 2ème et 3ème au classement général.


(15/08/2012) René & Etienne Bourlard (Harveng, BE) - interprovincial victory from Libourne against 1,966 pigeons

This father and son partnership from Wallonia is looking ahead each year to the prizes in the national long distance races. This time, one of their racers chose the race from Libourne to shine and he is bred from the same line that gave them the opportunity to win 4 national victories since 2005!


(15/03/2012) René & Etienne Bourlard (Harveng, BE) - Come back to 5 years of national supremacy !

With the family Bourlard, the area of Mons (south of Brussels, 20 km from the french border) has a national top value loft for the races above 500 kilometres.