Informacion sobre el colombofilo Coolsaet Gilbert


(19/07/2012) Robin of Gilbert Coolsaet (Vlissegem, BE) winner of 1st international from St. Vincent (13,085 p.)

The home base of the international winner from St. Vincent is the town of Vlissegem near De Haan-aan-zee, in the north of the Belgian province of West-Flanders. The town is situated near the Belgian polder area.

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(16/07/2012) St. Vincent (int.) 2012 | International winner Old birds: Coolsaet Gilbert (Vlissegem, Belgium)

Gilbert Coolsaet from Vlissegem (Belgium) wins the international race from St.-Vincent. The international winner was clocked at 17:37 CEST after it flew a distance of 909.167 km at an average velocity of 1426.89 mpm.