Informacion sobre el colombofilo Van Dijck-Van Dijck


(20/07/2012) Van Dijck- Van Dijck (Begijnendijk, BE) winner of 1st National Limoges 17,731 Yearlings

De Pruts took the victory in the important classic from Limoges yearlings. Thanks to this win Luc van Dijck is now a well known name in international pigeon racing. The pigeon was named after the nickname of his brother, who passed away last month and with whom Luc used to form a partnership.

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(16/07/2012) Limoges 2012 | National winner Belgium Yearlings: Van Dijck-Van Dijck (Begijnendijk)

Van Dijck - Van Dijck from Begijnendijk win the national race from Limoges. They clocked their dark chequered white head cock at 13:54 CEST after a race of 666.819 km. Average velocity of their pigeon: 1518.26 mpm.