Informacion sobre el colombofilo Janssen Gebroeders


(22/04/2013) Mr. Louis Janssen has passed away

We have learned that the world-famous pigeon fancier Louis Janssen from Arendonk (Belgium) has passed away. Louis died this morning (16 April) at the age of 100. He would have turned 101 on 5 August 2013.


(31/12/2012) 2012’s most read articles: part two

At the end of every year we publish an overview of the most read articles (including the translations) on our website. For 2012 we split the list in two: yesterday we published number ten to six, today we present you with the top five.


(17/10/2012) The success story of Reedijk-Jongekrijg (Puttershoek, NL) and their Janssen brothers pigeons (Arendonk, BE)

They have one of the most renowned Janssen brother families! We had already discussed the Bono dynasty, which their Olympiad Pigeon Danica belongs to. In this article we discuss the great qualities of the Janssen pigeons in Puttershoek, who had another impressive season in 2012.


(04/08/2012) One hundredth birthday of Louis Janssen

On August 5th, 2012, Louis Janssen is celebrating his 100th birthday.


(12/05/2012) Janssen Brothers Auction ended Sunday 13th of May

The auction of the Janssen Brothers ends Sunday 13th of May at 3pm Belgium time! In total, you are able to bid on 20 auction lots containing 26 pigeons.


(01/05/2012) Catalogue Total Auction Janssen Brothers online

The catalogue of the 'sale of the century' can now be flicked through online. In total, you will be able to bid on 20 auction lots containing 26 pigeons.


(25/04/2012) The Most Famous Pigeon Fanciers in the World: The Janssen Brothers (Arendonk, Belgium)

Arendonk, a little village in the Belgium province of De Kempen, became famous for thousands of pigeon fanciers around the world. And perhaps the name Arendonk is still known by a few cyclist fans that remember the name of Rik van Steenbergen, a threetime world champion cyclist much admired by the Janssen Brothers.


(19/04/2012) Hans Eijerkamp testifies to the input of Janssen pigeons in his strain - with English subtitles

Now that the total auction of the last Janssen birds is coming up, PIPA asked Hans Eijerkamp to testify about his experience with the input of Janssen pigeons. In the 1960s, Hans Eijerkamp visited the Janssen Brothers for the first time. In this short movie, he tells us about that visit, his experience with the Janssen birds as a pigeon fancier and his personal experience with the Janssen ...


(05/04/2012) Were you also successful with the pigeons from the Janssen brothers from Arendonk? Let us know!

The number of fanciers who owe much of their success to the direct pigeons of the Janssen brothers, is almost overwhelming! It is almost impossible to find them all. Maybe, you were one of them?


(20/03/2012) The Janssen brothers: The End!

There won’t be any foreign visitors at Schoolstraat 6 anymore in the future…. PIPA is auctioning their entire colony, directly from Arendonk!


(17/11/2010) Documentary leads to rare interview with Louis Janssen

When award winning documentary filmmakers Craig and Jarrod Boord embarked on an ambitious project to capture the passion and dedication of pigeon fanciers across the globe, they knew they needed to interview the best of the best.


(31/01/2010) The History of the Belgium Racing Pigeon : The Janssen Brothers - Arendonk (BE)

It is not our intention to write again about this famous loft. The Janssen Brothers do not need any further advertisement—their publicity is well taken care of by their great feathered champions, both here and abroad.