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(09/03/2015) Ulrich Lemmens (Balen, BE) is national champion KBDB longer middle distance old birds 2014

Ulrich Lemmens needs no introduction. This highly talented fancier has become a household name, winning an increasing number of prizes with a pigeon breed that gets stronger and stronger. We were not surprised to see him win yet another championship title. This time Ulrich Lemmens claims the title of national champion KBDB longer middle distance old birds, and many more.

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(06/05/2014) Top performances Belgium 03/05/2014 - 04/05/2014

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 03/05/2014 and 04/05/2014.


(25/03/2014) Ulrich Lemmens (Balen, BE) has earned his place at the top of pigeon racing in Belgium

He is a young and ambitious man with a passion for pigeons and pigeon racing who is prepared to take a calculated risk from time to time. He forced his way to the top thanks to a number of impressive results. He owes a lot to his top class breeding bird Gust and to his well planned strategy and vision. Ulrich has become an important name in our sport and he will continue to be so in the future.


(13/08/2013) Ulrich Lemmens (Balen, BE) is on his way to the top with a 1st nat. yearlings and a 2nd old birds Tulle

The 26-year-old Ullrich Lemmens has had the same dream throughout his childhood. He was destined to become a successful pigeon fancier. His dream has come true and he has been a fulltime pigeon fancier since 2009. He had an exceptional 2012 season and he proved his talent with a national victory this season!

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(08/08/2013) Top performances Belgium 02/08/2013 - 04/08/2013

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 02/08/2013 and 04/08/2013.

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(03/08/2013) Tulle 2013 | National winner Belgium Yearlings: Lemmens Ulrich (Balen)

The national winner Belgium from Tulle in the category "yearlings" is Lemmens Ulrich (Balen).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 16:46:33 CEST after a race of 673.2 km, achieving an average velocity of 1442.94 m/min.

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(29/05/2013) Top performances Belgium 25/05/2013 - 26/05/2013

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 25/05/2013 and 26/05/2013.


(26/02/2013) Ulrich Lemmens (Balen, BE): young, ambitious and ready to make it to the top

This loft houses the two best young birds of Belgium in 2012, both over three and four national flights for young birds. This gave the pigeon loft of Ulrich Lemmens international recognition!


(23/02/2013) Video: Ulrich Lemmens (Balen, BE) presents four of his best pigeons

For the "Best of Belgium Auction by Ulrich Lemmens" Ulrich presents to us four of his top quality birds: Thor, Fast Freddy, De Gust and Young Freddy.


(30/12/2012) 2012’s most-read articles: part one

At the end of every year we publish an overview of the most read articles (including the translations) on our website. For 2012 we split the list in two: today we publish part one with the numbers 10 to 6; tomorrow we give you the first five articles on the list.

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(03/08/2012) Top performances Belgium 29/07/2012 - National races

On Saturday a clear sky appeared at noon, a little bit to late. Bourges and Narbonne needed to be postponed until Sunday. Sunday was terrific flying weather, and both flights ran a smooth course. This resulted in the following top performances.

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(05/07/2012) Top performances Belgium 29/06/2012 - 03/07/2012 - Regional races

Weather conditions were excellent this weekend, resulting in a pretty smooth race course with velocities of about 1700 m/min. A few fanciers distinguished themselves from others in this weekend’s races.

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(27/06/2012) Top performances Belgium 22/06/2012 - 26/06/2012 - Regional races

Last weekend gave us many (inter)provincial races like Montluçon, Montrichard and Tours. Thanks to a strong southwest wind there were a lot of nice performances.

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(20/06/2012) Top performances Belgium 15/06/2012 - 20/06/2012 - Regional races

Big black clouds filled with rain held France in their grip on Saturday. Postponing the middle distance and great distance races was the only option left for the organizers. On Sunday the tied turned, and the pigeons were able to fly in clear blue skies.

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(12/06/2012) Top performances Belgium 08/06/2012 - 12/06/2012 - Regional races

The races of Saturday 9th of June were flown at an extremely high pace. The only one responsible for this was the powerful west-southwest wind that helped the pigeons reach speeds of over 1,700 m/min on the shorter distances and middle distances. On Sunday the forecasted rain was delayed, so the speeds were maintained. The racing season has now finally truely started.

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(24/05/2012) Top performances Belgium 17/05/2012 - 22/05/2012

The past weekend brought us long awaited beautiful pigeon weather, ideally suited for the first interprovincial races of this season. Last weekend there were a lot of top performances.


(15/03/2012) Ulrich Lemmens lives by the unique slogan "One team, one heart"

I had the opportunity during 2010 to communicate with a Belgian fancier who assisted me with a book project that I happened to have been working on at the time. At 24 years of age this young fancier has his entire life ahead of him.