Informacion sobre el colombofilo Van De Walle Marc & Frankcy


(15/07/2019) PIPA ranking: Best old bird in the Belgian one day long distance races - 4 prizes

Final result in PIPA-ranking: Best old bird with 4 prizes in the one day long distance races. The available national, zonal and provincial results of Limoges I, Valence, Cahors, Montauban, Montélimar, Limoges II, Aurillac, Libourne, Souillac, Tulle were taken into account for this ranking.


(08/04/2013) Marc and Franky Van De Walle (Zwalm, BE) were awarded First General Champion Cureghem Centre and First Champion Long Distance Old Birds Cureghem-Centre in 2012

In 2012 Marc and Franky Van De Walle from Zwalm (which lies in the Flemish Ardennes) continued their success in pigeon racing. Again they managed to win several top prizes, just like they did in the past few seasons.


(07/07/2011) Marc & Francky Van De Walle (Zwalm, BE) manage a super weekend with 1° Nat. Bordeaux 4.921 o.b. and 1° Nat. Orange Zone A!

After the Van De Walle colony had already ended in 2nd place ‘national’ three times, last weekend it was Bulls-eye with national victory from Bordeaux by the old birds!


(02/11/2010) The Brothers Marc and Franky Van De walle - Zwalm (BE) A super year and owners of all round pigeons for the following decennium. - 2010

Whoever thought the death of father Marcel in 2002 would mean the end of the Van De Walle colony will be disappointed.