Informacion sobre el colombofilo Dhooge Martin


(21/01/2020) Auctions have total revenue of 329,075 euro - Martin Dhooge 4,205 euro/bird

Last weekend's pigeon auctions raised 329.075 euro, selling 239 pigeons in total. This leads to an average sale price of 1,376 euro/bird. We walk you through each individual auction.


(14/01/2020) Martin Dhooge (Ursel-Aalter, BE), the ‘Silent King’ in the extreme long distance

Martin Dhooge was close to an international breakthrough in 2016, as 2nd National Champion extreme long distance KBDB. And he saw a lifelong dream come true in 2019, claiming a 1st National Pau with Silent King, his favourite pigeon.


(30/09/2019) PIPA ranking: Best Pau birds (2018-2019)

This PIPA-ranking lists the best birds from Pau. The available national results of Pau 2018 and 2019 were taken into account for this ranking.


(05/07/2019) Martin Dhooge (Ursel, BE) claims 1st National Pau with his favourite pigeon

He had had to settle for second place national in Bourges in 2013, and he finished in second place in the Nat. Championship Extreme Long Distance KBDB in 2016. But this time Martin got what he deserved, claiming a national first prize from Pau in 2019.

Race Report

(25/06/2019) Top performances Belgium 22/06/2019 - 23/06/2019

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 22/06/2019 and 23/06/2019.

Race2 blog

(23/06/2019) Pau (int.) 2019 | National winner Belgium old birds: Dhooge Martin (Ursel)

The National winner Belgium from Pau in the category "old birds" is Dhooge Martin (Ursel). The pigeon was clocked on Sunday at 05:07:37 CEST after a race of 917.282 km, achieving an average velocity of 1026.48 m/min.