Informacion sobre el colombofilo Platteeuw Kurt & Raf


(17/05/2019) Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) claim 1st and 2nd Interprovincial Blois (14/05) of 4,845 pigeons with a dazzling display of strength

Kurt & Raf Platteeuw are right where they wanted to be, as they continue their winning streak from 2018 (and the previous year): they claim a double interprovincial first prize from Blois, or a 1st and 2nd of 4,845 pigeons. This is quite a head start.


(02/05/2019) Auction day comes to a close with 373,000 euro – Samuel Mbiza 11,900 euro/bird – Mike Ganus 4,600 euro/bird

The auctions that closed on Sunday 28th of April raised 373,075 euro in total with 186 pigeons, resulting in an average of over 2,000 euro per bird.


(27/04/2019) Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) : dominant play from Flanders, Belgium

Kurt and Raf Platteeuw's dominant play in modern-day pigeon racing is the result of years of selection. They developed a pigeon breed that never fails.


(09/08/2018) Platteeuw Kurt & Raf (Rumbeke, BE) win first and second National yearlings on Tulle

Kurt and Raf are dominating in a superior season as they have never done before, to top it off with a double national victory from Tulle. The culmination after months of performing on an sky-high level.


(08/08/2018) PIPA-ranking: Best yearling in the Belgian one day long distance races - 4 prizes

Final result in the PIPA Ranking: Best yearling with 4 prizes in the one day long distance races. The available national, zonal and provincial results of Brive, Montélimar, Limoges II, Jarnac, Libourne, Tulle, Angouleme were taken into account for this championship.

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(29/07/2018) Tulle 2018 | National winner Belgium yearlings: Platteeuw Kurt & Raf (Rumbeke)

The National winner Belgium from Tulle in the category "yearlings" is Platteeuw Kurt & Raf (Rumbeke). The pigeon was clocked on Sunday at 13:46:39 CEST after a race of 607.238 km, achieving an average velocity of 1612.21 m/min.


(26/06/2018) Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) show overwhelming strength in the early season

Racing pigeons at the highest level is nothing new for team Platteeuw, they have been doing it for several years now. Here is an overview of their best results in recent weeks: 18 national prizes per 100, 6 times top 5 provincial, 5 times top 5 in the zone, etc.


(09/04/2018) Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) have probably their best season yet, winning several national top results and 15 provincial ace pigeons KBDB

After a spectacular sale in 2015, team Platteeuw managed to win a 1st National Châteauroux in 2016, which was supposed to be a transition year. And the following 2017 season has probably been the best racing season so far for the pigeon family of Kurt and Raf Platteeuw. They win an impressive 23 first prizes, 223 top ten prizes, 15 provincial ace pigeon titles KBDB, as well as several national ...


(03/06/2017) Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) excel in Bourges with no less than seven national top 50 placings

A 13th, 15th, 31st and 34th National old birds and a 16th, 45th and 46th National yearlings. That is the impressive list of achievements by the Platteeuw racing team in a sun-drenched race from Bourges last weekend. This is mainly thanks to the breeding value of their successful parents.


(17/06/2016) Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) win 1st National Châteauroux against 29,591 yearlings

This is already the third national victory for Kurt and Raf. They claimed victory with a late youngster from September 2015, that was basketed in an important national race for the very first time, competing against 55,000 racing birds. This is quite a breakthrough performance.

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(10/06/2016) Châteauroux (Guéret) 2016 | National winner Belgium yearlings: Platteeuw Kurt & Raf (Rumbeke)

The National winner Belgium from Châteauroux in the category "yearlings" is Platteeuw Kurt & Raf (Rumbeke). The pigeon was clocked on Friday at 13:10:26 CEST after a race of 469.253 km, achieving an average velocity of 1266.77 m/min.


(28/12/2015) Auction Kurt & Raf Platteeuw closes at 404,175 EURO!

One auction closed this weekend, selling 254 pigeons. They raised 404,175 EURO in total.


(13/12/2015) Discover the auction of Kurt and Raf Platteeuw on Sunday evening 13th December

One of the most appealing pigeon sales in this auction season runs from 14 to 27 December. After many successful racing seasons Kurt and Raf Platteeuw will be selling their old and one year old racing birds. Discover their entire collection on Sunday evening 13th December, right after the last auction has closed.


(11/12/2015) Kurt and Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE): The American Dream part II

We introduced you to a first series of top class pigeons and bloodlines in the pigeon family of Kurt & Raf Platteeuw. A few more super class bloodlines will be discussed in part two.


(25/11/2015) Kurt and Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE): The American Dream (part 1)

The American Dream stands for a world in which anyone willing to work hard can make it to the top, regardless of nationality or origin. The downside of this American Dream is depicted in the movie "The American Dream". It goes without saying that Raf and Kurt Platteeuw have been living their American Dream.


(11/08/2015) Kurt and Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) own one of Belgium’s most impressive pigeon families

Kurt and Raf Platteeuw will make their invaluable collection accessible to everyone in the end of 2015. They will be selling their team old birds, which have performed really well in provincial and even national level, in an internet auction on PIPA.


(27/01/2013) Platteeuw Kurt and Raf (Rumbeke, BE): Belgian Champions Grand Middle Distance and General Champions West Flanders 2012

They have reached the top of the national in just five years, thanks to a clear view and the will to succeed. Five years ago people thought of them as driven but thoughtless. In their own way they managed to amaze the pigeon racing community with their distinctive approach and their willpower.


(23/08/2012) Super hen Devil’s Daughter of Kurt and Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) winner of 1st national Argenton against 4,774 old birds

The first prize in the recent national race from Argenton was won by an excellent pigeon, a hen on widowhood with a co-efficient of a mere 0.16% over three national races in 2012. But there is more: she also won several top prizes as a yearling in 2011, winning a 3rd provincial ace pigeon middle distance yearlings KBDB West-Flanders.

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(11/08/2012) Argenton 2012 | National winner Belgium Old birds: Platteeuw Kurt & Raf (Rumbeke)

Kurt & Raf Platteeuw from Rumbeke are the winners of the national race from Argenton II Old birds. They clocked their pigeon at 13:53:19 CEST after a race of497,422 km. Average velocity of their pigeon: 1203,49 m/min. The performance list of the national winner, with a.o.

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(24/05/2012) Top performances Belgium 17/05/2012 - 22/05/2012

The past weekend brought us long awaited beautiful pigeon weather, ideally suited for the first interprovincial races of this season. Last weekend there were a lot of top performances.


(10/11/2011) The Kurt and Raf Platteeuw colony (Rumbeke, BE) in the picture

The story of the wonder hen “Nelly 10000” and the success story of the “Rising Star” in the Belgian Pigeon sport


(06/09/2010) Platteeuw Kurt & Raf - Rumbeke first national Gueret youngsters

Platteeuw Kurt & Raf - Rumbeke win 1st national Gueret against 14.412 youngsters. With a velocity of 1192 m/m they achieved the greatest speed of the entire convoy. They were even 10 minutes faster than the first old pigeon.