Informacion sobre el colombofilo Beukenne Frédéric & Maxence


(02/01/2016) Frédéric Beukenne (Bruyelle, BE) and the fantastic dynasty of Orchidée II !

Frédéric Beukenne raced his last season in 2015. It is without any regret that he ended his career after having been crowned two times as National Champion KBDB. The only thing he never won is a national victory. His owes his successful career to his best breeding hen, Orchidée II. She had an enormous impact on the history of this loft.


(09/08/2013) Frédéric Beukenne (Bruyelles, BE) struggle for his third interprovincial victory of the season!

This fancier based in Bruyelle just won two interprovincial victories who proof again that Frédéric is making another great seaosn!


(14/07/2012) Frédéric Beukenne (Bruyelle, BE) sensationnal with the 2nd national Bourges of 16.859 yearlings !

After a superb 2011 season from all distances, Fred just confirmed all the expectations placed on his loft in 2012 as he has just won the 2nd national from Bourges against 16,859 yearlings, all this after being 2nd national Bordeaux 6,215 p. in 2011!


(15/03/2012) Frédéric Beukenne (Bruyelles, BE): The butcher who slaughters his opponents

We are dealing here with a guy who loves to be talked about. During the whole of the 2011 season, Fred Beukenne played the same role as Philippe Gilbert in the peloton of the 'tour de France'. He was there everytime we expected him, involved in all the good escapes which brought him a few victories in the best classics in the national racing calendar (Nevers, Barcelone, Bordeaux, etc). The ...


(16/03/2009) Beukenne P & F - Bruyelle

Beukenne Père & Fils, Bruyelle
As pigeon national petit demi-fond '08
7e champion national petit demi-fond '08
7e champion national grand demi-fond '08
10 fois cité dans les championnats nationaux depuis 1999