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(01/09/2018) Argenton III 2018 | National winner Belgium youngsters: Leutenez Eddy & Maarten (Kruishoutem)

The National winner Belgium from Argenton III in the category "youngsters" is Leutenez Eddy & Maarten (Kruishoutem). The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 15:18:41 CEST after a race of 505.927 km, achieving an average velocity of 1208.38 m/min.


(20/12/2017) PIPA-ranking: Best Cahors-bird (2016-2017)

This PIPA-ranking lists the best birds from Cahors. The available national, zonal and provincial results of Cahors 2016 & 2017 were taken into account for this ranking.


(18/11/2016) Eddy and Maarten Leutenez (Kruishoutem, BE) excel with descendants of "Het Bolleken"

We can think of only a handful of fanciers that have managed to win races on a weekly basis with a small group of racing birds, and Eddy and his son Maarten are definitely one of them. They have won 6 national victories so far, which is an achievement many of their rivals can only dream of.


(31/08/2014) Eddy & Maarten Leutenez (Kruishoutem, BE) are having a solid 2014

Eddy and Maarten made a comeback in 2007 and it seems they found their way back to the top in the longer middle distance and long distance in no time. This has a lot to do with the successful Bolleken bloodline.


(03/12/2013) Eddy and Maarten Leutenez (Kruishoutem, BE) perform outstandingly well with a very small team

It is quite a challenge to try and get the most out of a very limited number of pigeons. It is even harder to play a prominent role in the biggest classics in pigeon racing but it is something that gives Eddy and Maarten great satisfaction!


(01/08/2013) Eddy & Maarten Leutenez (Kruishoutem, BE) have a flying start with their young birds

The young birds of Eddy and Maarten Leutenez have had three provincial classics this season and no less than 15 birds were able to win a national top 100 place, as well as two victories at local level. The young birds of Eddy and his son Maarten have really had a great start to the season.


(22/10/2012) Eddy & Maarten Leutenez (Kruishoutem, BE): great results with a small team of pigeons!

A good loft needs quality not quantity. This is demonstrated by Eddy & Maarten Leutenez, who have managed to make it to the top in the national longer middle distance and long distance competitions with a small number of birds!


(15/07/2012) Eddy & Maarten Leutenez (Kruishoutem, BE) winners of Guldensporenvlucht from Blois (yearlings) & 1st Interprovincial Brive in the same weekend

Two interprovincial wins in one weekend, that is really something. These results remind us of the old times, when champion Leutenez dominated the sport of pigeon racing.


(08/09/2011) Eddy & Maarten Leutenez (Kruishoutem, BE) achieve 'great performances' with 'few pigeons'!

The name Eddy Leutenez is a concept within the international pigeon sport. Since the restart after moving to Kruishoutem, and son Maarten came to reinforce the team… the top performances have once again rolled off the production line


(04/05/2011) Eddy & Maarten Leutenez, Kruishoutem hammered on the road to ‘national top’ with success!

The short space of time in which Eddy & Maarten Leutenez have managed to regain their place at the national top after their new start in 2007 in Kruishoutem, deserves admiration. They deliver the proof that with ‘top class’, you are capable of anything!