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(14/10/2013) Video: Braad-de Joode (Woudrichem, NL) look back on their history in pigeon racing and present some of their best pigeons

In this video, the Dutch partnership Braad-de Joode looks back on their history in pigeon racing. They also present some of the best pigeons housed in their lofts.

Race Report

(08/09/2010) Braad-De Joode - Woudrichem (NL) impressive during 1-day classics 2010

Five times top 10 in five NPO competitions … the 1. provincial Ace pigeon extreme middle distance in Brabant 2000 … with yearling ‘Henky 98’, who demanded no less than three teletext notations … then you make an impression in your own country and far afield.

Race Report

(30/07/2008) Braad de Joode Comb. Woudrichem NL

Home Alone NL-05-0534554 wint de laatste 2 jaar in afdeling 2 Brabant 2000 o.a 2e Chateauroux 7936 duiven 5e Montlucon 4799 duiven 5e Chateauroux 7880 duiven