Informacion sobre el colombofilo Verweij-de Haan Comb.


(19/11/2019) Auctions raise more than 750,000 euro – Daughter Goed Grijs 41,000 euro – Jellema 195,900 euro for a round of youngsters – Bart Geerinckx 5,500 euro/youngster

12 auctions came to a close over the past two days, and these had a total revenue of 753,700 euro for 270 pigeons, or almost 2,800 euro per youngster. We briefly discuss each auction below.


(13/11/2019) PIPA TV: Comb. Verweij-De Haan (Mijdrecht, NL) bred the breeding phenomenon Milos in 2002

Michel Verweij and Peter De Haan decided in 2002 to engage in co-breeding. Just like Milos, also their friendship was born. In the years that followed, Milos turned out to be a top breeder and they both joined forces.


(11/11/2019) The Verweij de Haan Combination (Mijdrecht, NL) and their Milos dynasty show their true class in the demanding 2019 marathon season

Descendants of the incredible breeder Milos have repeatedly demonstrated their potential in the marathon competition over the years. And Milos's youngsters and grandchildren have claimed several national and international top prizes again in 2019.


(21/08/2019) Comb. Verweij-de Haan (Mijdrecht, NL) ends a beautiful marathon season with a bang

Michel Verweij and Peter de Haan close the marathon season as it started: in style. On both national flights Bergerac and Perpignan they were again ranked in the top 10.


(06/07/2019) Verweij de Haan Combination (Mijdrecht, NL) is off to a great start in the international marathon competition

With two marathon races with morning release from Pau and Agen behind us, we can honestly say that this has been a great early season for the team: they performed really well in both races.


(07/01/2019) An auction weekend with top results: 32,500 euro (youngster Super Romeo), 28,500 euro (youngster Meeuwke 12) and great averages of 8,271 euro/pigeon and 7,820 euro/pigeon

Nine auctions closed on Sunday 6th of January, and 121 pigeons raised 310,375 euro in total, or 2,565 euro per bird. We briefly discuss each auction below.


(29/06/2018) Verweij- de Haan combination (Mijdrecht, NL) has a strong start to the international marathon season

The international long distance season took off last weekend with a race from Pau. The Verweij-De Haan combination put their cards on the table, with no less than four pigeons in the national top 100.


(21/02/2018) Verweij-de Haan (Mijdrecht, NL) have an invaluable breeder for the international classics in their collection with Milos

It is any pigeon fancier's dream: to breed that one pigeon that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Only the great champions in our sport have gained an international reputation after breeding that one pigeon that appears to be in a league of its own.


(21/11/2017) Verweij-De Haan Combination (Mijdrecht, NL) demonstrate their potential in the international races again this season

Michel Verweij and Peter de Haan have again proven themselves as top level players in the marathon competition. The descendants of their Toon bloodline and of other renowned breeders such as Olympic Heintje have been able to excel in races with morning and afternoon releases season after season.


(04/11/2015) Verweij - De Haan combination (Mijdrecht, NL) had another magnificent extreme long distance season in 2015

Their national first prize from Agen against 6,638 pigeons was the first national victory for the successful Verweij – De Haan combination, which is located in Mijdrecht in The Netherlands.

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(26/06/2015) Agen (NL & DE) 2015 | National winner The Netherlands old birds: Verweij-de Haan Comb. (Mijdrecht)

The National winner The Netherlands from Agen in the category "old birds" is Verweij-de Haan Comb. (Mijdrecht).The pigeon was clocked on Friday at 18:07:13 CEST after a race of 947.337 km, achieving an average velocity of 1358.74 m/min.